Our PR Manager, Syma, shares how she observes the month of Ramadan, her favorite memories celebrating growing up and what she would wear to an iftar dinner! Read on below to learn more and see her stylish look.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting. Since it is based on a lunar calendar it begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent moon and lasts for 30 days. It is a month where Muslims abstain from eating or drinking anything during daylight hours. Fasting is the means through which practicing Muslims become closer to their faith. In addition to fasting, many take this time for self-reflection, positive spiritual growth, charity, and becoming closer with their communities through good deeds and prayer. It’s a reflective and heart-fulfilling time of year!

After sunset, we break our fast with a dinner called iftar.  It is a joyous event often celebrated with friends and family. It begins with breaking the fast by eating a date or drinking water. An evening prayer is performed followed by a delicious meal.

The end of Ramadan culminates with a celebration called, Eid Al-Fitr which means ‘the Festival of Breaking the Fast’. It often begins with getting ready in your “Eid best” outfit and then going to prayer. The day is then spent with loved ones and ends with a wonderful meal and hopefully a feeling of accomplishment!


Growing up, waking up for your fast was very special. I grew up as the youngest of 4 siblings and my mom would wake us all up for a breakfast called, suhoor, where we would eat before sunrise in preparation for our fast. That time was special because it brought us closer as siblings and a family that we were all doing this together in celebration of our faith.

Throughout Ramadan there are also special iftar dinners with family and friends which is always a great way to connect. I attended a few iftar dinners when I first moved to New York and it was always a great way to meet new friends and get in touch with your community especially if you’re in a new city.

The finale celebration of Ramadan is called, Eid and that was always such a fun day growing up because my family and I would get ready in our best ‘Eid outfit’ which consisted of my newest Pakistani traditional clothing and heading to morning prayers. At the end of prayer, you greet everyone with hugs and say ‘Eid Mubarak’ which after such a crazy year – I can’t wait till it’s ok to safely hug people again! We then continue the celebration by spending the day hanging out with family and friends and eating delicious Pakistani food. It is a very special day I look forward to every year!


I live in Aerie lounge. To elevate that from day to night for an iftar dinner this spring, I added our Aerie Adventure Shirt tucked into our amazing soft pant with a fleece sweatshirt draped over my shoulders. Instant chic! To dress it up, I added my simple black sandals and fun bag with gold hardware. This look is dressy-casual, modest and most importantly comfortable — perfect for an iftar dinner with family and friends!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the month of Ramadan and got some style inspo for your next iftar dinner. Wishing you a wonderful month to those observing! How will you be spending the holiday, Aerie fam?

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