This season, Erin is obsessed with textures for a reason! One reason she became a stylist is because she loved how fabrics feel (and still does!!!). Here are some of her faves from our newest drop that take this season’s best trends and go to the next level with comfy.  

Jacquard (& sweater!) fabric

Do you know jacquard? Erin loves this fabric because it has a fun, wavy texture. It feels amazing, it’s stretchy, AND it comes in crossover! WIN, WIN, WIN. Truly, it’s for wearing anywhere. It’s made to feel & look good. When Erin thinks of jacquard, she thinks of wearing it while sipping drinks that have the little umbrellas in them. 

Pro tip: Erin layered jacquard swim under a lightweight sweater set because why not be ready for the beach at any time? OR AT LEAST READY FOR BEACH VIBES!

I don’t see why you can’t wear a suit every day.



It’s so soft, which for swim is key. It feels like a little honeycomb! Erin loves that this suit has a wider strap for hitting the waves! 

Pro tip: Erin matched pique swim with Sunsoaked Fleece. It’s REAL GOOD, which means it’s made from recycled materials. Look at these distressed deets!

This pique is like, double time amazing because it’s printed, which is something you don’t see every day in pique.



Texture on texture on texture—embroidery on top of crochet! Just so you know, crochet is here to stay! The trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—and wear it as a top if you want to hit two trends at once. If you ask Erin, she’ll tell you she been CRAVING sunshine. This is the best top if you’re also in the mood to feel the sunshine on your shoulders!

Pro tip: wear it as a top with our Daydream Denim shorts — in a fresh color for summer.

I really love this handmade feel… it can feel vintage if you want it to!


Ribbed Seamless!

We’re serious about soft, and this is proof. This ribbed seamless bralette SUPER soft and at Aerie, we’re so excited about how this fabric moves with you. Whether you’re stretching for the remote or for a scoop of Guac—we could go for some guac… this bralette stretches however you do. 

Pro tip: Erin matched this ribbed seamless bralette with the Adventure Short so you can soak up the sun on all your adventures.

I’m LOVING the bra as a top trend, and this bralette is exactly what you need to rock that trend!



Who doesn’t love Terry? Bathrobes, fuzzy slippers—and SWIM! This is old Hollywood glam! Minimal-ish silhouettes are trending in swim and this terry really shows how amazing that silhouette can be in a comfy texture.

Pro tip: Erin matched this terry teeny bikini with the Vintage Crew for allover vintage vibes. 

This terry has a vintage feel that is very cool. I’m loving the 70’s vibes here.



Erin loves linen-texture because it’s easy. This is THE summer fabric. It’s lightweight, not fussy and has this fun, bumpy texture. Basically, it feels like a good walk outside.

Pro tip: Erin matched this linen back to swim because it’s an easy lightweight cover-up. You can wear it on-the-go on any warm, breezy day!

This ISN’T YOUR DRY-CLEANING NIGHTMARE! Easy, washable, throw-on piece.


Active Rib!

The Active Rib Sports bra has double lining for support—it stretches with you for beach paddleball, or running… late… out-the-door… with your smoothie… & your cell phone! It’s a big love because this texture is just so good.

Side note: ALL of OFFLINE™ by Aerie’s fabrics are amazing. Make sure to try them all!

Sweat looks good on you. (AND SO DO THESE BIKE SHORTS.) (If you haven’t tried them yet, and I can’t imagine you haven’t, but if you haven’t… DO IT!)


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