To honor Special Olympics’ Global Week of Inclusion (7.19 to 7.24), we’re celebrating the amazing spirits of Special Olympics athletes. Meet Kaylie!  

We caught up with Kaylie to get the scoop on her favorite things about being an athlete. 

Aerie: Which sport is your favorite? 

Kaylie: Hockey.

Aerie: Why do you love competing in Special Olympics? 

Kaylie: I like competing with my friends and trying new things. 

Aerie: What’s the best part of being an athlete? 

Kaylie: It’s fun to move around and be a part of a team. 

Aerie: What advice do you have for other athletes? 

Kaylie: Try hard, play hard & have fun!   

Kaylie is a sophomore at South Fayette High School and has been involved in Special Olympics since 2016 (5 years). She participates each year in the Special Olympics Allegheny County Summer Games competing in the 50- and 100-yard dashes, golf putting, the tennis ball throw, and turbo jav. 

Outside of Special Olympics, Kaylie plays ice hockey and baseball. She enjoys playing football in gym class and shooting hoops. Kaylie’s favorite outdoor activity is playing baseball. She also enjoys singing and dancing to songs on her iPad. 

See more from Kaylie and our Global Week of Inclusion celebration here

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  1. Patti Buckholt

    I love to see these athletes being active and part of a team. My daughter is a special needs teacher in NC and my husband and I got to volunteer at the games there. It’s so exciting to see all the athletes trying their best, they also help each other when another athlete is struggling. That is what touches my heart. It’s not always about winning it’s about acceptance and caring about each other. Thank you Aerie for featuring these athletes, they are all winners. ❤️

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