We’re serious about our fabrics! You already know we get personal about leggings. When we share something with you, we make sure we love it first!  

We tested our new, OFFLINE by Aerie™ Real Me XTRA fabric doing anything until it was EVERYTHING. The Aerie office fam tried Real Me XTRA while going through our everyday activities (work, play, & even… well, falling) to make sure we thought of everything.

From our yoga practice to swimming in the ocean, we’re into these new leggings for every moment under the sun. Here are the results of our wear test! 

Hear from Jillian Schaefer:
Associate Manager – OFFLINE by Aerie™ Business Strategies! 

First up, the work day! 

Real Me XTRA Leggings are so buttery smooth and comfy. They’re the best bottom to wear while working from home… feels like you’re wearing no pants! I outfitted with an Aerie Cropped Quarter Zip Fleece + my go-to Aerie Blue Light Glasses to check some emails before heading to my first in-person meeting of the day. 

Next stop, coffee! 

I threw on my go-to OFFLINE by Aerie™ Oversized Denim Jacket (which is an amazing way to take your Real Me XTRA Leggings and matching sports bra out of the house). I received so many compliments on the tulip hem & piping details!

Next up, some fun! 

I decided to get in a quick rollerblading session before meeting some friends for drinks, so I hit the trail in my Real Me XTRA Set. This set provides a bit more compression and support than our Real Me Collection. XTRA is fast-drying… so no concerns about taking this set day to night, even after a little tumble! Just throw on your fave oversized band tee, a denim jacket and your fave high tops and you’re all set. Maybe include a few band-aids in your purse 🙂

Hear from Caroline Yerkes:

Real Me XTRA Leggings are everything (and MORE.) They’re smooth, buttery soft and weightless—which makes them ultra-comfy for hangin’ around, traveling or working. I’m in love with this waistband, too. It’s wide and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about the classic legging tummy ache after sitting down for a while (if you know, you know). 

These leggings are the best of both worlds because of all this comfort and softness, PLUS the support and coverage you need for a real sweat sesh. Real Me XTRA hugs you in the best way for however you spend your day. Squats? You’re covered. Road trip? You’re comfy. Couchsurfing? You’re cozy. 

My day? Well, I decided to go for a walk on the beach (my absolute favorite thing to do). Walks either on the beach or on the streets of NYC are so helpful for me to clear my head, get some fresh air (and some exercise while I’m at it!). I wore my forever-fave Seamless Sports Bra, my Fleece-Of-Mind Cropped Polo, my Real Me XTRA Track Leggings and shoes? Who needs ‘em.

Hear from Natalie Bevec:
Merchant Manager – OFFLINE Bottoms!

I am OBSESSED with the new Real Me XTRA Leggings! 

They are amazing for my Saturday morning outdoor yoga classes. They move with me through all my downward and upward dogs, and I know my Aerie undies won’t show through! They feel like a second skin, but have that XTRA hold that makes me feel secure + confident throughout my practice. Even when I can’t quite stick that head stand 😉 

Not to mention, the retro track details! (Heart eyes emoji here!)

That’s it, Aerie fam! Have you tried Real Me XTRA? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below and on IG with #LiveInMyLeggings @Aerie. 

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