It’s the most grateful time of the year (again!). It’s all about pampering your peeps with quality time, love, and some gifts to show them just how much you care. We chatted with two-time Olympian gymnast and activist Aly Raisman about the gifts she’s giving to her family and friends this holiday season. Read on for some ultra-wanted, super-cozy gifts for all the different people that make you happy!


Who runs the world? Moms! To show her mom she cares, Aly is giving her “cozy clothes, good books, and gardening accessories.” Gifts for mom might seem hard, but we’ve got the cozy covered! Let her have a comfy spa day for one in a matching set.


This year, Aly says she’ll be giving her sisters sweatpants “because they both love them.” And we do, too! From our Throw-Back Fleece Joggers, to our OTT Fleece Joggers, your sis won’t be stealing yours anytime soon!


Everyone has that always-lights-candles friend, and they need even more cozy this year! Aly is gifting her homebody BFF a matching set, like our Groove-On Velour Hoodie and Flares. What’s extra cozy? Fur slippers!


For the friend that likes to move it, move it: it’s all about OFFLINE! Let them sweat it out in a Real Me Sports Bra and ~the now famous~ Real Me Crossover Super Flares. Aly’s giving this friend a “good book so they can unplug” too. It is true: couchsurfing is a sport, and it’s important to keep up with it!


That’s right, you’re on this list! It’s important to show you that you love you, too. Aly’s picking up a cozy sweatshirt and a blanket for her, you should follow along! Maybe a beanie too? Why not, you deserve it.


Your pet brings you smiles all year long! Show your fluffy one that you love them just as much (or maybe more?) than they love you. Aly is def pampering her dog Mylo with toys and treats!  From Hannukah toys to cozy, festive sweaters, they’ll really be happy.

What are you giving your BFFs this year? Comment below and tell us!

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