2021 was a year of reconnection and feeling more grateful than ever for all the small things. And of all the things we have to be grateful for, our #AerieREAL fam is #1! You continue to inspire us and show us what REAL love is all about. 

As this year comes to an end, we want to take a moment and reflect on some of your (and our) favorite products! From the Crossover legging to the Boyfriend T-Shirt and so much more!


Real Me Crossover Leggings

Crossover leggings. You showed so much love for this waistband and we appreciated seeing it. This v-seam was made to be super flattering and fit you just right, every time. You guys proved this design to be one of our best and made it your own!


Real Me Crossover Flare

Flare leggings. This year you dared to flare! This trendy silhouette reigned supreme, and you made the Real Me Crossover Flare Legging reach hall of fame status. It kind of became your can’t-stop, won’t-stop, endless possibilities legging. We might even start referring to 2021 as the Year of Flare.


The Sweat Everyday

The Sweat collection. Aerie is all about REAL comfort, all day every day. The Sweat collection was made with the softest fleece and in styles you never wanted to take off. Like The Sweat Everyday Hoodie and The Sweat Everyday Cozy Crew Neck. Easily some of your favorite layers this year!


Real Me Basic Legging

The Real Me leggings were a big win this year. With an ultra lightweight feel and all the support you deserve, no wonder these leggings made the top 5! They showed up and you showed out. You proved to us just how good our Real Me leggings can look and feel!


Distressed Boyfriend T-Shirt

Oversized tees. Classic and always on trend, you showed us our oversized tees are just that. You tied, tucked, and rolled to style these your way and we couldn’t get enough. You gave it 5 stars all year long!

Honorable mentions!

Fleece of Mind short, Rock ‘N’ Ruffle skirt, & Velour fabric. These didn’t make top 5 but still worth mentioning because you gave these styles some REAL appreciation. 

We are waving a goodbye to 2021 with nothing but gratitude and happy memories thanks to all of you. See you in 2022 Aerie Fam!

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