Calling all mamas who love to keep it comfy! You asked, we listened: the Mama by Aerie™ collection is here!

Mama by Aerie™ is our first collection of tops and bras designed for new moms and moms-to-be. Our Aerie fam told us we needed it – and we agreed. So, after tons of research, wear tests, and listening to feedback from our Aerie fam, we finally landed on our comfiest-ever-fits for mamas who are pregnant, nursing or just want something that feels great while they’re keeping it REAL as a mom.

The Mama by Aerie™ collection includes:

Mama by Aerie™ Real Free Nursing Bra: Keeps you comfy and dry while breastfeeding! Buttery-soft fabric meets easy-open clasps and washable nursing pads.

Mama by Aerie™ Nursing Tank Top: A base layer in bra all in one! Ultra-soft with nursing clasps for easy breastfeeding and washable pads that keep you dry.

Mama by Aerie™ Ribbed Tank Top: A classic silhouette in trendy ribbed texture. Just right for when you need an easy layer with a little stretch.

Mama by Aerie™ Boyfriend T-Shirt: A super-comfy, oversized fit 

To help the fam get to know our new collection better, we asked Avni Panchal, Associate Designer for Aerie Innovation, a few questions about how Mama by Aerie™ was created. 

Tell us more about how Mama by Aerie™ came to be.

We felt like it was only natural to provide a product for our customer who is growing with us. We were also seeing lots of wishes for Mama products from many of our existing customers who already know and love our bras & bralettes.

Which piece are you most passionate about? 

We might be biased but the Mama by Aerie™ Real Free Nursing Bra(lette) might be our favorite! Super comfortable and easily accommodates to size fluctuations.

What kind of research went into creating Mama? 

We reached out to Aerie mamas within the office, understanding likes and dislikes of existing products out there and also conducting extensive wear tests to get honest feedback. It was so important to make sure the Mama by Aerie™ pieces were functional, easy, and exceptionally comfortable.

What has the Aerie fam been saying about Mama so far?

The positive responses coming in about our product is overwhelming – it’s a great feeling. Hope to expand on this collection for the mamas in our Aerie fam!

Aerie fam, what would you like to see from the Mama by Aerie™ collection in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lydia

    Very exciting that this stage of life is supported by the brand! Any maternity leggings/bottoms in the works?

  2. Danielle Covey

    Defiantly should consider adding in maternity pants. Knowing that Aerie and American eagle fabrics are extremely soft they would make great feeling maternity clothes as the skin is irritated from stretching and growing bellies. From working at American Eagle warehouse myself and getting pregnant I thought this idea needed to come into action, glad its starting! I know I have wanted soft Aerie clothes as my skin became more sensitive.

  3. Amanda

    So exciting! Would love to see bike shorts, leggings, and joggers in the future!

    1. Rachel

      I love the nursing bra and would like to order more, but none in my size 🙁 been out of stock for weeks. I also have a few of the tanks, but they run a little tight for 3rd trimester. Next I need them to make more styles of maternity/postpartum leggings, shorts, and underwear!

  4. naomi

    american eagle jeans are the only jeans i buy and i wear them all the time. now i’m pregnant and really wishing they had maternity jeans because i’ve had no luck finding any i like and i have to wear jeans for work

    1. stephanie

      Naomi… I only wear AE jeans and I had luck with old navy rockstar jegging full panel. I have small waist larger bottom half and they fit similar!

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