Aerie and Liberare are teaming up to share Liberare’s adaptive and adaptive-friendly intimates with our community! Aerie is proud to partner with Liberare, a powerful brand with an important mission: make functional intimates with disabled women in mind. Liberare was founded with the intent to make trendy and adaptive lingerie. Both Aerie and Liberare want to keep empowering all people with a REAL message and to keep challenging the fashion industry to support the message of inclusion, representation and love. Together, we are excited to challenge the industry to become more inclusive.

Watch the video below to hear more, and read on to hear from some of the brilliant minds behind Liberare and to take a look at the Liberare Collection.

Hear from Emma, Founder & CEO of Liberare!

With Aerie and Liberare coming together, we are fueling the fire of the inclusion revolution … disabled people are beautiful, fashionable and worthy of radical self-acceptance. Of course, the disabled community already knows this. With our two brands coming together, we’re here to show the fashion industry what it really means to be truly REAL.

Do you know what’s just as important as having disabled people in front of the camera? Having disabled people behind the camera and at every level of the company. Our chief creative officer, Alyssa, is an amazing mastermind behind creative in our entire brand … Disabled people are experts in things beyond disability.

We truly believe in changing the fashion industry. That doesn’t just mean putting disabled models on runways or in front of the camera … that’s all really important, but it also means giving power to disabled people by putting them in positions of power and amplifying disabled voices.

Hear from Alyssa, Chief Creative Officer of Liberare!

My name is Alyssa Silva and I am the Chief Creative Officer at Liberare. My job is different every day, which makes work exciting. I mostly focus on brand strategy so that might involve how we present ourselves on social media to the graphic design aspect of the job–so fonts, colors, web design, all that fun technology stuff. I also work with our product designer in coming up with new creative ideas for products, design, materials, colors, all that fun stuff.

How did Liberare become the fashion industry changing force it is today?

At Liberare we put disability at the forefront of all our efforts. It starts within our organization. We have disabled people and nondisabled allies working at the company. We also focus on just talking to our community and seeing what they want, what they need, what they’re frustrated with in terms of dressing. And we really just put a lot of work and determination into what we do. This isn’t a trend that we’re following. We see other companies do this sort of thing, but we want to really be a trendsetter and rewrite the fashion industry.

How is Liberare different from other brands?

Most adaptive apparel is medical or ugly. It isn’t cute, and feminine, and sexy. That was something that we really took to heart with our first line. There isn’t much out there for disabled people to feel beautiful in. So we worked hard to really get that across in our first line. But also we are a team comprised of disabled people and nondisabled allies. We have all been affected by disability in some way which makes us more passionate about what we do.

Shop the Liberare Products!

The Liberare Bra

Meet everyone’s favorite bra in feel-it-to-believe it, breathable microfiber & with a magnetized interlocking closure for easy-on access. Also made with grip loops (that means no worries about pinching the bra shut with a hook & eye closure).

The Liberare Convertible Plunge Bralette

A comfy, smooth & soft bra in soft microfiber. Made with front strap adjusters that make it easier to tighten the bra straps without having to reach behind, a magnetized closure for easy-on access and grip loops.

The Liberare Bikini Undie

Happy booties start with silky-smooth fabric & a pretty & chic design so you feel as good as you look! Made with side-opening deets so you never have to lift a leg or fuss putting on undies, fabric-covered adjustable magnetic closures at both hips, grip loops & a slightly higher waistline for seated and non-seated bodies.

The Liberare Cheeky Undie

Let’s get cheeky with this chic pair of undies & celebrate the inclusion revolution. In silky-smooth fabric with a pretty & sheer lace booty design so you feel as good as you look! Made with side-opening deets so you never have to lift a leg or fuss putting on undies, fabric-covered sleek, extra soft velcro at both hips, grip loops so you don’t have to pinch shut & a slightly higher waistline for seated and non-seated bodies.

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  1. Jessica Langly

    This is so amazing!! Thank you Aerie for always having such cool, innovative collaborations! Liberare looks beautiful & I'll most definitely be picking up some pieces for my sister 🙂

  2. Louis Rubino

    When I first learned about this (just now as a matter of fact!), I was reading through it – I just kept repeating to myself, "This is really cool! This is amazing!" I was amazed. Whoever thought of this NEEDS to be honored, for all of us to go to that person just to see what she thinks!

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