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Men's Multipack Underwear

Could there be a better gift in this world than multipack underwear for men? We’re not so sure. Yeah, single pairs of underwear can get the job done when it’s time to stuff some stockings or give a romantic gift to the guy in your life, but multipack underwear really hits it home. American Eagle multipacks deliver three new pairs of underwear so you or your guy can take on the day with a fresh fit, look and feel.

If you’re picking out multipack underwear it’s important to know you’re going to like the fit. Nothing’s worse than taking home new underwear only to figure out you don’t like the cut, how it sits or how tight or relaxed it is. For guys who like a tighter fit, our trunk underwear comes in clutch with low-profile comfort that fits just right under your favorite American Eagle jeans. Boxer briefs also keep things a little more secure too, and feature a classic fit and longer 6” inseam for all-day comfort. If you’re more of a relaxed vibe guy, our classic boxer shorts can be the answer to your underwear blues.

American Eagle men’s multipack underwear comes in soft fabrics, cool colors and sweet patterns so you can have your pick of the best on any given day. If you’re not a big fan of bold, bright patterns then our solid colors will do the trick. If you like prints and color pop then our camo, branded and pattern designs will be your next favorite. Not sure what your style is? Make your way over to our men’s underwear collection to check all the prints, styles and holiday designs.

Buying multipack underwear means you have options every day of the week. It keeps things simple and easy so you can spend time thinking about more important things, like accessories, shoes and a lot more. Start and end your outfit of the day with American Eagle for a sweet style you can rock whenever, wherever.