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Men's Accessories: Hats, Sunglasses, Hats & More
American Eagle men’s accessories make sure you have everything you need for every day of the week, whether that’s a tried-and-true baseball cap, a reliable well-worn belt, fun graphic socks, or useful sunglasses. These extras are staples of your wardrobe, which is why AE makes them in the freshest designs and coolest colors.

There’s nothing easier than throwing on your favorite American Eagle hat and finishing your look for the day. It’s a simple accessory, sure, but it packs such a style punch we can’t help but love it. For summer events, AE baseball caps and men’s sunglasses are just right to shield the sun and keep your look easy and laid back. For fall and winter outings, change it up with our winter hats like beanies and trapper hats. Pom pom hats, light-up beanies and festive prints make our cold-weather hats stand out from the rest, and makes them perfectly giftable this time of year, too.

AE socks are another way to up your style game. Sure, they’re made to keep your feet warm and comfortable, but they’re also made to add color and style to your day. Every day calls for a good pair of socks, and AE designs them so they’re soft and durable to handle whatever your day brings. Holiday prints and festive designs keep this accessory on trend every season, and bright colors keep your socks from being boring. Belts are another easy way to add another element to your outfit of the day. Keep it simple or go big and wear it your way.

Whether you need to spruce up your own collection of accessories for men or you need a gift idea for a friend, you can’t go wrong with American Eagle. Men’s underwear, sunglasses, hats, wallets, bracelets, tech gadgets and more can serve up the perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and just about any event you want to surprise the guy in your life. You can keep your guy cozy with AE joggers, thermal sleepwear, flannel and more this season. Spruce up their underwear drawer, sock drawer, bedroom, wallet, backpack and everything else with AE men’s accessories.