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You probably never leave the house without them, and you surely regret it on the rare moments you reach for them and realize you did. Sunglasses eclipsed "accessory" a long time ago and became an out-and-out necessity for men everywhere. American Eagle Outfitters has plenty of options to protect your eyes and keep your fashion sense intact every time you slide them on.

Almost nothing radiates timeless cool like a pair of men's aviator sunglasses. Ours ensure 100-percent UV protection to keep harmful rays away. Reflective, opalescent surfaces in a rainbow of options contrast with different frames. You can find both mirrored and translucent lenses. Pick up a couple of pairs along with a hat so you're ready for that spur-of-the-moment road trip.

Classic-style sunglasses are an everlasting look for men. When you want to channel your inner Tom Cruise, go for the black frames. Faux-wood frames work well when you're feeling a little whimsical. Classic sunglasses also feature UV protection and tinted frames, so even when you're driving right into the sunset, you know exactly where you're going. New and festive bags and backpacks help you get ready for any out-of-town event or fun and quick day trip.

Sport sunglasses have tinted, polycarbonate lenses that deflect the reflection from the snow or water. Our men's keyhole sunglasses have a charmingly retro '80s vibe, and flat-top sunglasses are supremely stylish for a day of sun with friends at the game or in the surf. Pull your whole outfit together with a beaded bracelet or a waterproof watch from our jewelry and watches collection.

Always do a check for your sunglasses before you leave the house, and make sure you have a men's pair on hand that are worthy of your heritage taste. Sport, aviator and classic sunnies are evergreen styles that are as popular today as they've ever been. Throw them on, roll down the windows and enjoy the scenery.