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Beauty & Gifts

Women's Lifestyle & Wellness Gifts
Complete your day, celebration, and life with new lifestyle & wellness gifts & from American Eagle! From nifty gifties for your friends to self-care accessories that help you unwind after a wild day, we've got you totally covered this season with everything you need to complete your day. From bath bombs to DIY kits, party games to nail care accessories and beyond, we have all the little "extras" you need to make life more fun.

Toys & Fun accessories help you have a good time, no matter what your day brings. Have your friends over for a little party and introduce game night to their lives with fun card games, or keep things relaxed with fun DIY kits for craft night. Change direction with AE Wellness & Self-Care gifts that are all about taking care of the most important person in your life - YOU! Self-care accessories like stress balls, nail kits, and other relaxing accessories make it easier to get a little you time. 

And don't think we forgot about your four-legged best friend! The American Beagle Outfitters has on-trend dog sweaters and pet accessories you NEED for your dog. From holiday sweaters to comfy pajamas, your dog deserves it all, just like you. Plus, you can match your pup with a new women’s shirts & tops in the same color or fabric. No matter what your day brings, you can find all the lifestyle & wellness gifts you need to complete your day with American Eagle. Plus with other women's accessories like hats, jewelry, women's socks, and more, you'll always have the little pieces you need to complete your day.