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Skinny Jeans for Women
American Eagle skinny jeans for women offer a classic fit you know and love. They offer a great style when you need a reliable fit, and they look good with literally everything you own. Women’s skinny jeans are the ultimate in-between fit that feels good on everybody – it’s not quite as tight and figure-hugging as the jegging, and it’s not as relaxed as the Mom jean or '90s Boyfriend jeans, either. It’s right in the middle with a casual style that’s fitted through the top of body and thigh, and has an easy knee and leg opening. It’s slimming and looks good with anything, and since the AE skinny jean comes with multiple options (low rise, high rise, skinny kick and Curvy) you’ll always have a fit that looks and feels like you.

We’re serious about comfort because it matters! We create the most comfortable fabrics for our women’s jeans, including 100% rigid cotton denim, Ne(x)t Level Stretch, Super Stretch, Dream, and Lu(x)e fabrics. Cotton denim is all about breaking in over time and making the jeans more you, while Super Stretch and Ne(x)t Level are built for your on-the-go days when you barely have a second to sit down. Dream and Lu(x)e kick things up a notch in terms of comfort, meaning you'll have that "just-right" feeling all day. Stretch fabrics make sure your jeans feel and look good from morning to night, and make sure your jeans never bag out or lose their shape.

Refresh your everyday jeans look with skinny jeans featuring destroyed knees, distressed pockets, and other destruction details, or go for a classic look by choosing a non-distressed skinny jean in our rich color washes. Go for a bold look with white skinny jeans and denim shirt, or pair a crop top with ripped skinny jeans in a dark indigo wash or black wash. We make all the best colors and designs so you can pick and choose your favorite pair of jeans every day of the week. Go from a light wash that gives you a throwback feel for class, then transition to darker hues for a date night. 

AE skinny jeans are easy to dress up or down depending on what you've got planned for the day. Wear black jeans with heels and a blouse for a sophisticated touch, and finish off the look with a French tuck and a belt. Or go for an edgier style with a pair of ripped skinnies, graphic tee, and jean jacket. How ever you wear your skinny jeans for women, make the look yours every time with all the AE women’s tops, accessories, and shoes you can think of. Try out the full assortment of women’s jeans in inclusive sizes range and in varying lengths like extra short and extra long, and find all your favorite new fits including the skinny, Mom jean, wide leg jean, & more.