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Men's Stretch Cotton Boxer Shorts

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If you’re a boxer guy who loves the fit but wants a little more freedom of motion, then man we’ve got good news for you. American Eagle Stretch Boxer Shorts are there for you when you need a great fit with some room to breathe, move and stretch. They use the classic relaxed men’s boxers fit to keep things chill even when worn with your favorite American Eagle jeans, but use stretch fabrication to improve comfort and make sure you can stay comfortable while on the move.

AE Stretch boxers use a 4” inseam to provide coverage that’s not too long but not too short either. They use a functional fly and lightweight stretch cotton to keep functionality and comfort at top levels every time you wear them. Breathability is important when it comes to your men’s underwear picks, which is why stretch fabric moves with you but doesn’t restrict movement. A stretch waistband keeps the fit secure and adds a hit of AE branding when your boxers peek out from your jeans.

American Eagle branding, festive holiday designs, plaid patterns and bold solid colors keep your underwear drawer fresh with new style every day of the week. Soft, light fabrics don’t add bulky weight under your jeans or shorts so you don’t have to worry about adjusting throughout the day. AE boxer shorts make sure you have your favorite things about boxer shorts and then some.

Stretch boxers and slim stretch boxer shorts make sure you have the comfort needed to power through work, school and anything else. Check out our men’s underwear for other fits like boxer briefs, trunk underwear and briefs to change up your tried and true boxer routine. You can have more coverage or less if that’s your style, bright AE branding, cool colors and festive holiday prints if that’s your thing. And why not pair your new boxers with some loungewear too? AE’s men’s underwear and apparel has got you covered.