Island lost, paradise found. This season is about all things CASTAWAY. To bring it to life, there was only one option for our summer photoshoot… we traveled all the way to Panama to live like #AerieREAL castaways! Castaway Stylist Erin joined the team to rough it for a week and made it back to tell us all about the great Aerie escape. #AerieREAL Life Castaway Tell us about the shoot!  It was another true Aerie shoot… planes, trains and automobiles style! We took a 5-person charter plane from Panama City to the biggest of the islands, and then we traveled in 10 passenger boats for 40 minutes to the smaller island. We shot on 4 different islands and had to travel by boat to get to each location. #AerieREAL Life Castaway #AerieREAL Life Castaway We transported all the gear and clothes in waterproof bags because when we got to each location we were completely soaked from the waves crashing over the sides. We were sandy and wet for 4 days! There was no escaping it. #AerieREAL Life Castaway How did you live the REAL castaway life?  We were literally camping in tents on the beach.  We had outdoor showers! We all had headlamps to get to the shared bathrooms at night and a bonfire each night to sit around and chat.  We swam before breakfast each morning and some people even did yoga on the beach. #AerieREAL Life Castaway #AerieREAL Life Castaway What about the food?  Every single day, the local families fished. They fried fresh fish for lunch and we had fresh local lobster caught daily for dinner….and my favorite food ever: tostones!!!!! #AerieREAL Life Castaway #AerieREAL Life Castaway Tell us about your island hosts.  They spoke in their native tongue, not Spanish like the citizens in Panama City. The women make beautiful Molas, fabric artwork using a reverse appliqué technique. They layer the Mola over the their “western” clothing and wear rows and rows of beads (handmade) on their shins and arms. #AerieREAL Life Castaway #AerieREAL Life Castaway Check out some of our castaway-inspired styles here!

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