Cleo Wade is an Artist, Poet and our newest #AerieREAL Role Model! Cleo is on a mission to tell the world about the power of love, & we’re right there with her. Learn more about Cleo & her mission.

H1_Insta_8Get to Know #AerieREAL Role Model Cleo Wade

Stay tuned for more #AerieREAL love from Cleo. And remember to share your #AerieREAL story with us @Aerie!

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  1. Jasmine

    Hey. I’m in love with aerie! The clothes are soft, and they make me feel more confident when I wear them because the women who model them are real women like me. How do you become a role model for aerie!

  2. Introducing #AerieREAL Role Model Cleo Wade – AEO Inc.

    […] We are excited to welcome artist and poet Cleo Wade into the #AerieREAL Role Model family! Cleo is on a mission to tell the world about the power of love, kindness and acceptance. She is the author of Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life, her first book. Get to know more about Cleo here. […]

  3. Sophie Jardin

    Hi my name is Sophie Jardin! I’m from the Philippines. I would really want to be an Aerie Girl because your brand embodies all the values I hold dearest to my heart. I have been teased about my thin frame and a lot of people told me to gain weight. Through Aerie, I can help promote body positivity. People should learn how to be proud of their beautiful figures. All the love xx

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