It’s that time of year to gather all your loved ones and get comfy while sharing warm stories — even if it is through virtual means for many of us. Our #AerieREAL Role Models know that even though celebrating the holidays may look different these days, it doesn’t mean that we stop doing it! This week on Facebook Live, Iskra hosted fellow Role Models Manuela Barón, Keiana Cavé, Tiff McFierce, Aly Raisman and Dre Thomas for a holiday gift exchange filled with fun, kindness, cozy presents and plenty of real conversations.  

The Role Models picked out surprise gifts for one another but had no idea who got them their present before the event took place. Viewers who watched live joined along as each Role Model tried to solve the riddle of who gifted her the present, with some lucky watchers even taking home a surprise for themselves! Iskra and the crew also took time to chat about some of their favorite holiday moments, the trends they are loving right now and so much more.  

Catch up on all the #AerieREAL fun by watching the video below and scroll below to check out some of the cozy gifts each Role Model received!

Want even more gifting inspiration? Head to our gift guide now to check out all the softest, coziest pieces that work for anyone on your list. Then tell us in the comments what your favorite part of the event was Aerie fam!

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