The more we share our power, the stronger we all become. Introducing your new #AerieREAL Role Models!

Introducing your new #AerieREAL Role Models

Iskra, Body Positivity Activist

Real power: Lifting up others

Iskra been there through it all—sharing the #AerieREAL love since 2014, championing body positivity and challenging the modeling industry to include women of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Brenna Huckaby, Paralympic Medalist

Real power: Fearless

Brenna started snowboarding after she lost her leg to cancer, and went on to become a world champion not just once, but 3 times! She inspires on and off the slopes as a mom to her 3-year-old daughter.

Busy Philipps, Actress and Author

Real power: Authenticity

Busy is completely and authentically herself. That’s vital to her job as host of her own talk show and most importantly, as a mom to 2 young girls.

Jameela Jamil, Actress and Activist

Real power: Voice

Jameela uses her voice to remind all of us to recognize the value beyond our bodies. She founded the I Weigh movement to provide a space for everyone to share their REAL worth.

Cleo Wade, Artist and Poet

Real power: Love

Cleo is on a mission to tell the world about the powers of love, the impacts of community and the importance of social justice. Her book Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life is a powerful compilation of notes, poetry and advice.

Aly Raisman, Gold Medal Gymnast

Real power: Strength

Aly is all kinds of strong—from the strength that led her to become a world champion gymnast, to the strength she found to speak out against sexual abuse and empower others to speak their truths, too.

Samira Wiley, Actress and Activist

Real power: Smile

Samira is a bright light who radiates passion and purpose. She shines on screen in our favorite shows, and off screen as a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Molly Burke, YouTuber and Motivational Speaker

Real power: Acceptance

Molly shares everything on her YouTube, from personal stories to beauty tips to mental health and anti-bullying advocacy. And she just happens to be blind. Molly started to lose her sight when she was just 4 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from fighting for inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Your real power is… YOU!

Introducing your new #AerieREAL Role Models

Stay tuned for so much more from our #AerieREAL Role Models—more stories, more power, more love. Shop their faves here!


  1. lorealdancause

    I love aerie models so much and what they stand for. It makes me love myself more and accept my stretch marks and love my battle scar down my spine. One of my biggest goals is to one day be an aerie model.

    1. Debra Trader

      I just learned of this and love it! Good luck to you!

  2. Paula Birth

    Brenna is an awesome person. I have the blessing of working with her and others every year at the Adaptive Spirit event in Vail, Colorado.

  3. Shannon Lowry

    I love everything about this brand!!! I will tell anyone who will listen about how much I LOVE AERIE!!!! keep speaking our truth!!!! #aeriereal

  4. Lydia Bouza

    Wow, this makes my heart sing. I love love LOVE American Eagle so much because their models are real people, with amazing stories that people should look up to. I love the body positivity and diversity that this clothing brand presents to its consumers. I’ve been shopping here for about 6 years and have never felt “insecure”, or “unwanted”, or “chubby” in this store. Every employee I’ve met is so sweet and this store unlike so many don’t have a special “plus-size section” and instead include a variety of sizes throughout the store and online. Any person with any body shape, race, gender, sexuality can shop here and feel welcome and loved. Also not to mention their clothes are so comfortable, fashionable, and durable all in one which is so hard to find these days! Thank you American Eagle for making me feel loved.

  5. Susan Rotella

    I think it’s great what you are doing with the models. They all look like great women who are making a difference. But they are all young. There is nothing wrong with that except that you have no representation from older women. I am in my 60’s and I love AE and Aerie clothes! My daughters and I have been buying your products for many years. I am sure there are many other older women who also love your clothes and would like to see our generation model your clothing also!


    I love everything about the Aerie role models and the entire AerieReal movement. It’s so awesome to see so many different and awesome ladies modelling clothing and swimwear, in their real bodies with no retouching or editing. Every body is a real body and they are all awesome. It’s such a great inspiration for women everywhere.

    1. Shafawn Edison

      Hi 👋 would like to model for your Company What do I have to do ?

  7. Ana Alvarez

    How can I become a model?

  8. Katelyn grossman

    How do I become an aries model

  9. Katie Kost

    Hi! My name is Katie Kost I am 18 years old and I attend Southern Connecticut State University. I absolutely love Aerie and all the amazing body positive messages the brand sends to young people. I myself have had my hard times and know what its like to be judged by the way you look. over the past 3 years I have struggled with both anorexia and binge eating disorder and although I am at an amazing spot right now, I still struggle everyday. I would love to share my positivity and self love that I have grown to have with the world. How can I become a model for your brand?

  10. Edward Fiore

    How can I become a model?

    1. Olivia Shephard

      How do i become a model??

      1. Aerie

        Hi Olivia! We don’t have any open casting calls planned at the moment, but if that changes we’ll let you know. As always, keep sharing the #AerieREAL love.

  11. Aby C

    How can I become an Aerie model?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Aby! There aren’t any open casting calls right now, but we will let the Aerie fam know if that changes. You can always always share the #AerieREAL love on social!

      1. Taylor Parker

        I was wondering the same thing! What are the steps to achieve this?

  12. Jamie-Kate Coaker

    Hi, I have read the other comments of people saying they would like to be a model for Aerie and I did see that there is no opening casting calls right now. This is my first time even commenting on something like this but I love the body positivity, it has inspired me and I would like to be a model if there is ever a casting call I would love to know and try to become a model for Aerie.

  13. Isabelle Schneiderheinze

    I have always hid my scars and marks from my surgery when I was a baby. I was born with a birth defect called lipomyelomeningocele, and it has left me with a fading hemangioma, a dimple, a surgery scar, and a small patch of hair on my lower back. Even though my scars are faded, I still love how aerie is provide girls with confidence that most brands don’t. I want to start modeling, I would love if I could for aerie, but I don’t know the possibilities for that, but I still have time, I’m only 14.

  14. shauna marie

    I would love to be apart of this!

  15. Noelani Peres

    Hi! I've been shopping at American Eagle for over 10 years now! I love the brand Aerie and everything they stand for. Seeing the gorgeous models look so beautiful and confident all in their own unique ways makes me want to do the same! Is there any model casting calls currently?

  16. Beth Dennis

    Do you know when your next open casting call will be?

    1. Alvina

      Am actually oversized teen , this quarantine ive discoverd how beautifull our bodies are and how unique we all are ! I dont like showing my skin but i love oversized clothes like hoodrs , sweatshirts and etc and i buy it all from ae even jeans !! I never in a million years would think of trying to be a model for ae but suddenly out of nowhere it came into my brain………i would honestly love to be a part of this.

      1. Aerie

        Thank you for sharing the #AerieREAL love, Alvina!

  17. Cam

    I'd love to someday be considered to spread some #AerieREAL love! I'm a California college student who wears Aerie constantly. My instagram is @cameraman897 !!

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