We’re so proud to celebrate our 10th year partnering with Bright Pink, a non-profit dedicated to prevention & early detection of breast & ovarian cancers in young women.

Bright Pink provides life-saving resources for women, empowering them to be proactive about their health. Take charge of YOUR health with their screenings, genetic testing, annual exam guidance and their Assess Your Risk™ quiz

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100% of sales of our limited-edition collection benefit Bright Pink.

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Be proactive about your health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can benefit you now & help prevent breast & ovarian cancers in the future—all that good stuff like eating healthy & getting your sweat on. When monitoring your breast & ovarian health, it’s important to know your normal. Check in with regular (but don’t worry about monthly) breast exams, making sure you cover all of your breast tissue from your collarbone, out to your armpits & down to your breastbone. It can be harder to diagnose the symptoms of ovarian cancer, but stay aware of digestion issues, persistent pain during sex, or pelvic or abdominal pains. Go to your doctor if you have any symptoms.

Most importantly, make sure you know your potential risks & do your part to help the women in your life understand theirs. Join the conversation with #AerieSupports @Aerie & @BeBrightPink

Learn more about Bright Pink here.

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