July 15th to 20th marks Special Olympics’ Global Week of Inclusion: a time to come together and celebrate ALL of our abilities. To honor the week, #AerieREAL Role Models Aly Raisman and Iskra joined us to welcome 7 Special Olympics athletes into the Aerie family for a full day of #AerieREAL. We spent a day in our photo studio with the athletes to capture their amazing spirits through a photoshoot and video.

Special Olympics is a non-profit that supports athletes with intellectual disabilities and helps them discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success through the power of sports. Learn more about the organization here. If you want to make a donation to Special Olympics, you can also visit any Aerie store all month to help support the non-profit.

Meet the athletes!

Better World

Meet Emily from Special Olympics

Emily is a rising high school junior who has been part of Special Olympics for…

Better World

Meet Jessica from Special Olympics

Jess credits Special Olympics and the friends she’s made there for making her who she…

Better World

Meet Danielle from Special Olympics

Danielle, aka Dee, has showed endless strength through her participation in Special Olympics. Although Dee…

Better World

Meet Chelsea from Special Olympics

Chelsea is a champion gymnast and model who has taken the industry by storm. She…

Better World

Meet Hannah from Special Olympics

This past spring, Hannah discovered her passion for running… fast! Even in her everyday life,…

Better World

Meet Daijah from Special Olympics

Daijah has been part of Special Olympics for 5 years, and she keeps mastering more…

Better World

Meet Kaitlyn from Special Olympics

Kaitlyn makes friends everywhere she goes, and Special Olympics is no exception. She’s been part…

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