Daijah has been part of Special Olympics for 5 years, and she keeps mastering more sports! She started with bocce, which brought her to several tournaments over the years and gave her a place on her own high school’s bocce team for 3 years. She’s also brought her talents to the SOPA basketball team at The University of Pittsburgh, and has recently taken on bowling, too. Beyond sports, Daijah still finds time for her other passion: art. She won first prize in the contest “Art: The Universal Language” in 2014.

Daijah’s words to live by:

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Along with #AerieREAL Role Models, Aly Raisman and Iskra, we were so excited to welcome Daijah and 6 other Special Olympics athletes to our photo studio for a full day of #AerieREAL in honor of Global Week of Inclusion.

See more from Daijah and our day celebrating Special Olympics athletes here.


  1. Cheryl Poljak

    Beautiful! Another great reason to continue to shop AE! A wonderful opportunity for some amazing young women!

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