Kaitlyn makes friends everywhere she goes, and Special Olympics is no exception. She’s been part of the organization for most of her life—starting at age 2! Today, she competes in unified bocce, basketball and summer sports, including the 50 and 100 meter dashes, shot put, javelin and softball throw.

Kaitlyn stays busy in school with everything from choir to the executive boards of Special Olympics and Best Buddies. Outside of school, she volunteers at the Children’s Hospital, works at Goodwill and participates in ballet, modern dance and theater arts classes.

Kaitlyn’s words to live by:

“Do what your heart tells you.”

Along with #AerieREAL Role Models, Aly Raisman and Iskra, we were so excited to welcome Kaitlyn and 6 other Special Olympics athletes to our photo studio for a full day of #AerieREAL in honor of Global Week of Inclusion.

See more from Kaitlyn and our day celebrating Special Olympics athletes here.


  1. Mollie White

    It,s great to see real people as models. And highlighting the vibrant lives the Special Olympians have. Thanks

  2. Anita

    How wonderful for my daughter who is 28 to see such beautiful, joy filled images of girls who resemble her. Thank you so much for thinking out of the traditional marketing box! You probably will never ever know really just how many people this will touch.

  3. April Vincent

    We love you, Aerie!

  4. Rita Yablonsky

    It’s so wonderful that you are including persons with disabilities in your campaign! My son has Down syndrome and is one of the best looking and happy people I know. He loved seeing a woman with Down syndrome in your photos! Thank you!

  5. Kathleen Holiday

    Thank you for using individuals with Down syndrome as models for your clothing line. As the parent of a 31 year old, it is so encouraging to see companies celebrate the full rich lives our children lead.

  6. Nicki

    This is an amazing ad! All the ladies look wonderful and looks like they had a blast!

  7. Mary Sue

    Because of this ad campaign, your products will be the first on my shopping list.

  8. Charlotte Shelton

    As the Mother of a Special Olympian, I can't stress these words enough- THANK YOU FOR YOUR INCLUSION.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Elaine

    This is amazing!! Thank you for including these amazing individuals in your campaign! We need more of this ❤️

  10. Kathy Getz

    What a wonderful way to run a business!!! Thank you so much for all the special Down Syndrome kids and young adults in the world!!!

  11. Rene Boyles

    Thank-you for letting me see models like me!! I love it❤️

  12. Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

    Thank you, Aerie for recognizing that Special Olympians and their families are also your customers! I have a son who has Down syndrome, and I love to support the brands that make sure people with Down syndrome and other disabilities are represented in their advertising.

  13. Ashley

    Thank you Aerie for stepping up and Supporting the Inclusion Revolution for Special Olympics Athletes. You are making a difference and I thank you for your support.

  14. Judy Courtney

    This is wonderful, these children are the sweetest and deserve to be recognized….. zip loved every picture…

  15. Nicole

    Thank you for being inclusive. People with disabilities are a huge minority but so often underrepresented in the media. This makes me happy to shop for my four daughters at Aerie!

  16. Meghan Sullivan

    Thank you so much for allowing my daughter to see herself in your ads – it makes a huge difference and is so important for self-confidence!!! Love this company ❤️

  17. G Harris

    Well done. Companies embracing diversity and including persons with disabilities are always more likely to get my family's business.

  18. Clare Landry

    Thanks for “stepping up” with this much needed inclusion campaign!! Paving the way for others to follow in your footsteps!! KUDOS!!!!

  19. Denise Marullo

    Thank you for showing how our girls(and boys) can beautifully model anything! Their beauty is not to be ignored. We need more of what you are doing so please..spread the word!
    Again, thank you dear people❤
    ( from my daughter also, who is 16 with Downs)

  20. Simon Peter Mwesigwa

    Its such a great initiative and i believe the rest of the world can pick a leaf especially in Africa where Down Syndrome Awareness is given minimal attention. Thank you

  21. Elizabeth Burgess

    I love seeing inclusive advertising! Thank you Aerie!

  22. Chris

    Thank you for your inclusion in advertising. It is wonderful to see and highlights a wonderful group of people.

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