Each season, our design team dreams up a theme and designs an entire collection around it. They set their sights on Morocco this season, and traveled there to experience the vibrant country. Go behind the scenes with Senior Vice President of Design, Andrea, and Senior Designer, Jackie, to find your own inspiration from this magical country.

Shopping at the souks of Marrakech.

How did the culture and spirit of the country inspire you?

The Moroccan culture is so rich in inspiration, history and tradition. The people are so kind and simple but very artistic.

The spirit of Morocco is filled with amazing energy that circulates through the souks, restaurants, and museums.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life against a backdrop of handmade rugs and textiles draped along the walls of the city. Through the doors into our riad it was like walking into an oasis. The sounds of the city feel so far away but they are alive on the other side of the walls. After a day of eating up all the amazing color, pattern, and artistry it was an amazing transition to the purity and peace we found in the riad. We tried to bring this feeling back with us and re-create this feeling for our customer. 

From left to right: El Fenn Hotel, Majorelle Garden and Riad de Tarabel in Marrakech.
Senior Designer, Jackie, shopping for new blues.

Tell us about the design process.  How did you take Moroccan inspiration and put an Aerie spin on our newest styles?

At the start of each season the team brainstorms what we want the theme for the season to be. After our brainstorm for the season we decided Morocco would be an amazing place to draw inspiration from. We applied what we saw to our color palettes, print and pattern and apparel items. Color combinations were created from the array of shoes on the wall and pattern was inspired by all the amazing textiles we saw. We are loving our easy Nomad pants this season – a traditional Moroccan silhouette with an Aerie spin and drapey knit fabric. 

The colors of the souks.

What was your biggest takeaway from visiting Morocco?

We are so lucky that we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in cultures and bring that inspiration back to our girl.

Morocco is so amazing because of the beautiful people and peaceful culture. There is so much of Moroccan culture that we also value as part of our brand.

What was your favorite spot that you would go back to again if you had the chance?

Take us back to the tents in the desert surrounded by the amazing food! Drop us in the souks and let’s get lost!

Scarabeo Camp in the rocky desert of Agafay.
Senior Vice President of Design, Andrea, with a new friend.

What’s something you wish you would have known before you trip?

Nothing! Less is more when you are exploring a new place. It’s so important to have an open mind and allow yourself to just explore and discover!

Have you been to Morocco? Share what you loved about your trip with us!

More new friends and pretty sights at El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech.

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