#AerieREAL Ambassadors represent our brand & empower women in their communities across the country. In the past, our ambassadors were all college students. This year, we’re proud to partner with working professionals, moms (& moms-to-be!), fitness instructors & more in our newest group of 100 amazing women.

55 of your #AerieREAL Ambassadors in Pittsburgh!

We got REAL with your new ambassadors about their fave Aerie products & what #AerieREAL means to them. Get to know them!

Here’s to showing off (and being proud) of our curves + our real selves.


Feel beautiful & powerful being the REAL YOU no matter your shape, size, or color.


I’m not here to make you wish you had my life, I’m here to inspire you to live your best life.


Stay tuned for lots more from our #AerieREAL Ambassadors this year!

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  1. Cynthia Arbige

    Oh my goodness! This is so inspiring! I am so glad that there is a company promoting women! The focus is absolutely well deserved! Moms, career women, workers any women needs to know her worth and what a great way to promote positive women! I applaud your forward moving promotion! I will definitely take another look at Aerie, it is not only college ages that love your products. It’s also a 55 year young women that has been inspired by your ambassadors. I am also a college student and I embrace your message! Go Aerie. Thank You.

  2. Shelby Nicole Rivera

    Hi!! I was wondering if you all are branching out to other Universities in the future, possibly The University of Texas at San Antonio? I would love to get in contact to learn more about your ambassador program as I am passionate about the overall #AerieReal campaign! Being Aerie Real has allowed me to go confidently in everything I do. Being able to feel empowered allows you to take on your days in a way that you will be living your best life and that is something not only college students like myself, but everyone should feel.

  3. Maggie

    How do I become an AerieREAL Ambassador? I love the brand and everything you all stand for! I have brought up your campaign many times in my sociology class because it’s so inspiring and motivating. I would love to be a part of your program to further reach others to make them feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin.

  4. Madison Lovin

    I absolutely love aerie because of what they believe in and represent. They represent all women! They don’t make you long for a models body, they make you realize you ARE a models body! We are all models because everyone is beautiful! I have been following aerie for so long and can’t wait till they are taking applications for more ambassadors because I will be there!!!

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