You’ve been asking and we have heard you — all of you! So you say you want to be an #AerieREAL Ambassador? Well, we believe you’ve got exactly what it takes and we want to hear from you!

While there are fun perks like cozy Aerie pieces, cool activations, and being featured on our different platforms, the true reward is letting your real self shine and inspiring others in the Aerie fam to do the same. Read on below to learn more about how you could get involved. 

First, some quick facts: 

• The program started in 2017 across 10 different universities in the nation, with a launch group of about 40 different Ambassadors. 

• We’ve since expanded our reach and are no longer exclusive to universities and schools; our program has already counted more than 385 Ambassadors in its four-year history!  

• Our 2020/2021 program includes 170 total ambassadors, including our first-ever group of Alumni Ambassadors (50 individuals)! 

So what are we looking for?  

Our brand partner YMC will have the full guidelines laid out on their website (where you will also apply — and don’t forget to read the official rules!). But here’s a few main things we like to look for with our AerieREAL Ambassadors: 

The general stuff: 

• U.S. and Canadian citizens who are at least 18 years old; including, but not limited to, college students, young professionals, new moms, and powerful people living a variety of lifestyles.

• Social media savvy; well-versed in content creation and active on social media platforms.

The fun stuff: 

• PASSION about Aerie’s mission and brand values; we believe all people should feel good about their REAL selves and we choose to celebrate that with traits like optimism, innovation, empowerment and self-love! 

• PERSONALITY: Your confidence, vibrancy, creativity, authenticity and vulnerability make you stand out. 

• SENSE OF COMMUNITY: You have an engaged and diverse social network, and you use your keen communication skills to keep your community in the loop (REELS and TikTok content a plus!).  

Now, how to apply? 

The big detail you’ve all been waiting for! While you’re welcome to submit your entries at any time, our main recruitment period typically happens once per year (usually in the late spring/early summer timeframe). Applications are submitted through our brand partner YMC:

• Visit the website and create an account.

• Click “Opportunities,” where you’ll want to apply for the “AERIE REAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM” for the upcoming year (you can only apply once per opportunity, so make it count!).

And the rest is written in the stars! We can’t wait to hear from you. If you have any questions about the position or application process, please reach out to

Catch up on the ARL blog to see what our #AerieREAL Ambassadors have been up to. 

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  1. Ady Mittlestadt

    I love aerie so much! The prices are great and the quality’s even better. Every single product is so comfortable and fits perfectly once you know your size. I’m pretty sure half of my closet is aerie. It’s a dream come true!

  2. Andrea

    I use to be a model and I used to work for Aerie in Montreal. It was always my dream to model for Aerie, I use to ask my agent all the time. I think its wonderful that anyone can model for Aerie now. Definitely an opportunity I would have jumped at before. One thing stopping me? I find the company is not environmentally friendly. I would love to work with Aerie if they started a "Green" campagne so that this great company can reduce waste (packaging) and perhaps use recycled materials.

    1. Mikayla Sabatino

      That's awesome that you got to be a model for them! It is my dream as well. I'm aspiring print/commercial model- how did you find out about the job?

      1. Aerie

        Be sure to keep an eye out for open casting calls!

    2. Jennifer

      I too work at aerie and I agree, The company is not environmental friendly with all the plastic they use when shipping product to the store!!

      1. Aerie

        Sustainability is something that’s so important to us, too. We are committed to creating a greener, cleaner future for our environment. You can read more about our environmental efforts in the Better World section at #AerieREAL Life.

  3. Julia

    Just submitted my application to be a #AerieREAL Ambassador! Fingers crossed, I have been dreaming about this position since grade 8! Love the brand

  4. Autumn Amsden

    Went out on a new journey today and applied to be an Aerie Brand Ambassador. I am a former employee of the company, and since have been in love with the brand. Wholesome, comfy, and sexy! Empowering others!

    1. Aerie

      Amazing, thanks for applying Autumn!

  5. Serena

    I just submitted an application! I absolutely love the brand and have wanted to be an ambassador for so long now! I live out of the matching sets to work from home!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for applying, Serena!

    2. Lily Fredericks

      I love Aerie so much they make the best clothes Best Quality for the price I only buy clothes from here they make clothes that fit bodies not the other way around!

  6. Bryce Chicklo

    I absolutely love aerie, makes me feel comfortable and confident when I’m wearing aerie athletic wear!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for sharing the love!

  7. Cassie

    Just submitted my application! I don't know why I didn't earlier. My friends joke around and ask if I have a discount code with AE because everything I wear is from Aerie. Lol. I love this brand so much and what it stands for. Fingers Crossed 🙂

    1. Aerie

      Good luck, Cassie! Thanks for applying.

  8. Christina

    You should show more love to your more ‘experienced’ (older) faithfuls and expand your ambassadors to include all ages.

    1. Jenifer

      It says 18-35 under the “General Stuff”.
      Are you saying no age limit to apply, but you will only choose 18-35 year olds?

      1. Aerie

        Hi Jenifer, thanks for reaching out! We encourage all of those over the age of 18 to apply. We are sorry for any confusion!

        1. Hannah Stricker

          I feel like someone who is old enough to have social media should be able to apply. I'm 17 and can't.

          1. Aerie

            Hi Hannah, we understand where you’re coming from. We encourage you to apply once you turn 18!

    2. Kelly

      It says 18-35

      1. Aerie

        Hi Kelly, we’d love for anyone about the age of 18 to apply!

  9. Nicole Kinman

    I absolutely love aerie! The message that the company submits unto the world is so powerful and much need! Not to mention I am OBSESSED with my favorite pair of leggings from aerie. I just submitted my application! Hoping for the opportunity to partner with this awesome company!

  10. Kaelyn Ketelsen

    Officially applied to be an Aerie Ambassador! I have loved Aerie for a while now and seriously LIVE in nothing else especially now as I just had my sweet baby boy who is a WHOLE MONTH OLD! Grateful that all of aerie’s styles keep me comfortable, confident, and feeling #REAL as a new mama!

  11. Terry Kitchenman

    I can’t wait for my exams to get over so that I can finally read this book

    1. Aerie

      We hope you love it!

  12. Alyssa Kane

    I absolutely love everything that the Aerie brand as a whole stands for! And I always feel so comfortable in confident in the clothing and even swimwear! I officially applied to be an Ambassador, and I cannot be more excited!!!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for sharing the REAL love, Alyssa! Good luck!

  13. Jeimmy Alvarado

    Submitted an Ambassador Application!(: I keep checking for my application updates 😆
    Honestly, it would be a dream to model for such a positive brand that promotes confidence like yours, but I never went into modeling because of my height, which is 5'3. The industry is changing and I am glad that you guys are showing that there isn't just one perfect image.
    #AerieREAL is such a powerful campaign and it is important to start imprinting on others that they are naturally beautiful.
    This is why I decided to apply to be an ambassador, not only because I love Aerie's style but what it feels to be a part of the Aerie brand. 🌟

  14. Danielle Wilson

    I’m a 39 single mother of two girls, 10 & 12. All three of us shop at Aerie because of the affordability of well made bras, underwear, lounge wear. We love Aerie!!!

    1. Aerie

      That’s incredible, Danielle! Thanks for sharing the #AerieREAL love!

  15. Nikki

    Aerie is a brand that I see as inclusive. They make sure no one is left out. And I love that it’s very genuine and that’s so important in a brand. To inspire, spread love and joy. I would love to be a aerie ambassador to make a difference

  16. Allie Thomas

    I love love love aerie! I love the clothes, how confident it makes me feel, and the message y’all send. It couldn’t get any better. I would absolutely LOVE to be an ambassador 🤍

    1. Aerie

      Be sure to apply today, Allie!

  17. Mary

    I am overjoyed to see models of all shapes and ethnicities representing Aerie but am disappointed by your age restrictions for ambassadors. Why cut off at 35? I am a working Mom of 2 boys with 4 nieces and I purchased some clothes for my nieces for Easter. I found that I loved some of the clothes when shopping on your site and bought myself a few things. I would consider myself someone who likes to stay on trend. I am now feeling as though by putting a restriction of 35 y/o on your ambassadors you are sending a message that your clothing isn’t desired to be represented by anyone 35+. If it fits then why restrict what age groups represent Aerie? This message that you’re sending makes me rethink my purchases at Aerie.

    1. Aerie

      We hear you, Mary! We encourage all of those above the age of 18 to apply!

  18. Kelly Ramsay

    I would love to be able to submit my daughter to be an ambassador as she lives in Aerie clothes but she is 14 so she doesn’t qualify. So sad as she is 5’6” and has amazing long legs.

    1. Aerie

      Unfortunately we are only accepting applications for those who are 18 or older at this time, but we encourage you to check back for more opportunities once she is eligible.

  19. Susan

    Disappointing that only up to age 35 can apply. I’m 53 blogger and Aerie is my go to for many things.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Susan, we’d love for you to still apply!

  20. Monica

    Wish this was open to older women. I’m a 38 year old entrepreneur, I’m greatly involved in my community, and I know women of ALL ages who absolutely love your clothes. We swear by the leggings in our tennis community because your pockets perfectly fit tennis balls in between serves!

    If you open this up to all women at some point, I know so many amazing women who would be perfect.

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for reaching out, Monica! We would love for all of those above the age of 18 to apply, even above the age of 35.

  21. Jenifer Gomez

    I would love to apply, but just saw you have to be within 18-35 to be considered. 🙁 I’m 43 and a loyal Aerie shopper for about 10 years! I have girlfriends in their 40’s who are, as well. This proves you DO have customers over 35. What’s more “on brand” with your message than showing life, beauty, fashion, vitality doesn’t end at 35!

    1. Aerie

      We would still love you to apply, Jenifer!

  22. Jessica Schuman

    I’m kind of bummed you only go to age 35 for #AerieREAL life. I’m a 42 year young mama who greatly enjoys your clothing. It has taken me years to find the “real” me, and now in my 40s I embrace every second of it. I try to be an influence to others in their 40s to love and welcome who you are. Every wrinkle, grey and c section scar tells my story and I wear them proud. I spent my younger years learning to be a career orientated adult, wife and mother and now I truly feel proud of who I have evolved into today. Please consider someday opening up past the age 35 and embrace all the real out there.

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for reaching out, Jessica! We would love for you and all those above the age of 18 to apply.

  23. Beth Frisk

    So love this Brand and it certainly consumes half my closet… what’s with the 35 and under rule??? Come on guys, I am 40 and fitter than ever. Happy mom to 3 kids of my own, 7 including my boyfriends. Super active, successful career, plant based and still able to out run them all! (While wearing my favourite Aerie gear of course (especially all things Offline 💜))
    Now that is AerieREAL Life!

    1. Aerie

      Hi Beth, we’d love for you to apply and encourage those of all ages to do so!

  24. Jacklyn

    Being an employee with this company for 7 years has given me the opportunity to truly experience the food that Aerie does. For as long as I can remember Aerie next retouched photos of models, allowed women to come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This has empower me to continue to feel confident in anything I wear from this brand. Aerie is truly made for all who want to wear their clothing. I feel grateful to be able to buy from a brand who isn’t trying to have women look a certain way. Aerie is real and continues to prove to be the best out time and time again. The quality is another huge bonus. So blessed to have worked for this company and can’t wait to see all the good that comes from here!

    1. Aerie

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story Jacklyn. We are so glad to have you as a forever member of the #AerieREAL family.


    So sad that I am too old to be an ambassador

  26. Stacie

    SO excited, I hope I can get picked!! I really wish this had been around when I was younger and in college. It could have been so affirming!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for apply, Stacie!

  27. Jess

    Just applied to be an Aerie Ambassador, I really hope to be able to join the Aerie crew and show my love for the brand all over social media! Aerie really fits my style and I love how Aerie is committed to diversity. Looking forward to hear from you guys 🙂

    1. Aerie

      We are so glad to hear that you applied, Jess! Good luck!

  28. Libby Jones

    Just applied to be an aerieREAL ambassador! I’m sooooooooo excited. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to represent the BEST BRAND!!!!!

    1. Aerie


  29. Deanna Nicholson

    I just submitted my application! I'm in love with this brand and I hope that I will be able to contribute to it and spread body positivity! I'm so grateful to have this opportunity. Either way I'll still continue supporting this brand I love the underwear!

    1. Aerie

      Amazing! Good luck, Deanna!

  30. Laura Vazquez

    Just applied for the #AerieREAL Ambassador. If have loved this brand since I was in middle school in 2009-2010 and all my swimwear and almost my entire wardrobe is American Eagle and Aerie. so excited!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for sharing the love, Laura! 💚

  31. Stephanie

    Just finished submitting my application to become an Aerie Ambassador! Good luck to everyone and I know we are all going to kill it!!

    1. Aerie

      Good luck, Stephanie!

  32. Claire

    I am so elated to have the opportunity to apply! When is the application due?

    1. Aerie

      While we are reviewing applications on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply ASAP, before the end of April.

      1. Sasha Santiago

        I applied back in February. If I haven't heard anything back by now should I be worried about my application submission?

        1. Aerie

          Hi Sasha, don’t be worried. We are continuing to review submissions on a rolling basis. Good luck!

  33. Lauren

    I just submitted an application. This would be such a great opportunity to work with something that I wear every day!

    1. Aerie

      Good luck, Lauren!

  34. Abigail Fusca

    Just submitted my application! I love the ideals Aerie stands for and the quality of its products. It would be such an amazing opportunity to work with a brand whose ideals match my own.

  35. Isabella

    I had submitted my application a month or 2 ago and am really hoping my application gets reviewed by Aerie!! It would be a literal dream come true to be able to promote such an amazing self loving brand!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for applying Isabella! Good luck!

  36. Elly U

    I just submitted my application and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I love your mission to encouraging people to be real with themselves. I in fact believe that being true and real with yourself is so important in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for being a brand who provides options for all, it is incredible. I can't wait to hear back from Aerie and am crossing my finger that I can be an Aerie REAL Ambassador!

    1. Aerie

      Thanks for applying, Elly! Good luck! 💚

  37. Tatiana C

    I just applied and I have never been so excited in my life. I am a huge advocate of self-love and positivity, so this roll can't suit me any better!! I feel so good and thankful. I hope I hear from the team, thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Aerie

      We are so glad to hear that, Tatiana! Thanks for applying!

  38. Sasha Santiago

    I submitted my application in February 2021 and have been really excited to potentially be able to represent Aerie and promote a product that I love! Everywhere I go, I mention Aerie clothes, scrunchies, bras, and really everything haha. I really stand for Aerie's beliefs and am grateful to have this opportunity. I am extremely active on Aerie social media and love everything Aerie!

    I am very passionate about Aerie and I can't wait to potentially be an Aerie Ambassador! Keep it REAL 🙂

    Thank you so much!

    1. Aerie

      Hi Sasha! Thanks for applying and for sharing the #AerieREAL love!

  39. Paula Devia

    Just applied! Hoping to hear back from you soon❤️ Love the Arie brand, been shopping there for years so this would be an amazing opportunity

    1. Aerie

      Good luck, Paula!

  40. Salma

    I applied about a week ago to be an Aerie ambassador and I'm hoping for the best! I love this brand and absolutely everything that it stands for. I'm so excited about potentially being apart of this amazing team that empowers women and stands for inclusivity and confidence! Fingers (and toes!) are crossed!

  41. Halle Foster

    When are the ambassadors announced? Sooo excited.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Halle! They were just announced! Check them out here!

  42. Sadia

    Is it possible to connect with old or current Aerie Real Ambassadors?

  43. Aysha Karim

    I love Aerie everything! I already own so many items! Been shopping here for 9 years so far. And it’s definitely my number one go shop! Love your brand. Love what you guys stand for in having real and all shapes and size women show off your brand. Fingers crossed and hope to hear from you soon.

  44. Alexandra

    I’m super excited for this opportunity and it would be an absolute dream to be a part of the team. Now that the application deadline has ended will the people who’ve been accepted be soon informed?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Alexandra! They were just announced! Check them out here!

  45. Morgan

    I’m so grateful for the opportunity to apply to the ambassador program. Promoting people to shop with Aerie comes so easily to me. It’s my dream to be and AerieReal model. I can imagine myself at the photo shoots already!!

  46. Hanafin

    I have also applied and am hoping for a great outcome! This community is amazing and I would love to be apart of it! #AerieREAL ❤️

  47. Kayla

    I know I would be an amazing ambassador for this company! Adore this clothing line, and I could get products sold! Looking for a new job experience!

  48. Rebeca

    When will applications be open again? Aerie has been a part of my post partum journey as a yoga teacher, helping me find clothes that made me feel strong and empowered in this new stage of life. It would be a dream to represent you!


    1. Aerie

      Hi Rebeca! Thanks for sharing! We encourage you to keep checking back and apply when applications open in the spring!

  49. Jessica P Sanchez

    I am unable to apply for the aerie ambassador, unsure if I missed the deadline? but it is not on the YMC website anymore.
    Please let me know!

  50. Tristyn

    I absolutely love the American Eagle brand! For so many years I haven't been able to find jeans that I am confident wearing. I was so insecure, but I found American Eagle and have loved everything I have bought from American eagle and also felt so confident wearing it! I am 5'8" so being able to change the length of the jeans I buy is so nice because many other brands don't have that option. American Eagle is for sure my #1 brand. I am 15 and hope to apply to be an Aerie ambassador as soon as I turn 18!

  51. mj christiansen

    I used to work at AE and always LOVED aeries inclusion. I would die to model for aerie it’s my dream!!

  52. Cassandra

    I just made my profile for the Aerie ambassador position but it seems to not appear on the site. Did I miss the deadline?

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