Not only is Ali a celebrated actor, singer and dancer—she was the first person using a wheelchair to appear on Broadway. She starred most recently as Ado Annie in Oklahoma! in the performance that led her to win Best Supporting Actress.

“The moment I realized I was a changemaker was when I looked around and I realized that there was no one else doing what I was doing.”

Growing up, Ali knew she wanted to be a performer even though she didn’t see anyone who looked like her on stage. Today, Ali is the role model she always needed, and the role model for so many who are inspired by her success. She’s passionate about representing those with disabilities and bringing accessibility to the forefront, both on- and off-stage.

“I am making change every day in the world by being my authentic self and by pursuing my dreams and representing women and people with disabilities.”

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  1. Isabelle

    She is amazing! Best role model by far. So inspirational.

  2. Lizzie


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