Iskra is our original #AerieREAL Role Model, a Self-Care Activist, NEDA Ambassador, and soon-to-be mama! As a pioneer in the body confidence movement and a strong advocate for mental health and wellness, Iskra’s mission is to inspire everyone to love their REAL selves, inside and out.

“I love waking up each day with a purpose. Knowing that we’re all coming together to do something that matters and to do something that can make change.”

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If you know Aerie, you know Iskra. She’s been part of the fam since the early days of #AerieREAL, and we’ve been so proud to support this changemaker as she inspires and empowers everyone she meets.

“I have never felt alone since becoming part of this family. I’ve gone through so many transitions in my life, and every step of the way, the #AerieREAL movement has been there for me. It has supported the growth and the evolution of who I am and who I want to be, and I hope that you feel exactly the same way. Because no matter what, we love you in any single part of your journey, whatever that looks like for you. And that is what #AerieREAL means.”

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