You may also know Manuela as @thegirlgonegreen, where she makes art out of trash and encourages people to take small steps that together, can make a big impact on the future of our environment. Manuela’s work started after a vacation to Vietnam, when she was struck by how much pollution there was in the rivers and ocean. It made her realize that she was part of the problem, and she wanted to be part of the solution. Today, Manuela shares attainable, easy-to-follow tips for living more sustainably on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

“I want to see more people taking action to protect our world.”

Manuela knows that it can be overwhelming to overhaul your entire life to be more sustainable. That’s why she encourages us all to take any step—big or small—so that together, we can create a bright future for our world.

“Being an #AerieREAL Role Model means change—to work as a community to make an impact.”

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