Molly started to lose her sight when she was just 4 years old, and struggled with bullying throughout her adolescent years. She’s used her experience to make a difference—Molly’s openness and honesty about her story has inspired others to overcome adversity. She just released a new audiobook, It’s Not What It Looks Like, helping to create even more of an impact.

“I’m making a difference by authentically sharing my story as a disabled woman, and not sugarcoating it or choosing to conform to the mold that people think I should fit.”

Molly is passionate about changing how people with disabilities may be perceived, and she helps to break stereotypes by sharing everything on her Instagram and YouTube channel, from her experience living with blindness to her favorite places to shop. 

“I would love to see more representation of disability in mainstream media.”

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  1. Martha

    Molly is awesome. Without knowing it, she helped me get to a point where I'm finally learning how to be me in my 30s.

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