Beyond making history as the first female DJ for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Tiff brings people together through music, movement and meditation with her wellness series Look IN vs. Lookin’, where she helps show people that happiness lies within.

“I hope that when I bring people together that they see how much we really are alike, and how much healing is important, knowing that you’re enough is important, knowing that you are that tool in your toolbox, so utilize that wisely. Nothing outside of you is going to give you that happiness.”

Through looking inward and as an #AerieREAL Role Model, Tiff has truly found peace within herself.

“Being an #AerieREAL Role Model is like ‘Yo Tiff, be all of you. Dance at the shoot, meditate in the corner, talk about life.’ I’m just myself and I feel like I’m in a place where I can be home and be myself. Come through, be me, and it’s fine.”

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