Hey Aerie Fam! It’s Christina, the Lead of Aerie Store Experience, comin ‘atcha with some kitchen tips in honor of Earth Day.

I’ve been low waste for 3 years, so I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks and fave items that have helped me keep my impact on the planet minimal. Keep in mind: this is what works for me and my lifestyle, it was a process, and the kitchen is a tough area to reduce your waste! What works for me and what works for you could look completely different (and that’s okay).

So let’s get to it!

The kitchen is an area of HUGE impact in regards to managing your waste. Check out my tips on food shopping, rethinking food scraps and storage!

Regrow your lettuce.
Dehydrate your own herbs. They’re pretty AND functional.
Stock up! Buy in bulk & fill your own jars.

Compost, compost, compost… it gets a bad rep! It doesn’t smell, is easy, takes almost no time out of your day, PLUS you get some amazing soil out of it that you can use to fuel that plant addiction that you are most definitely in denial of.  (But don’t be alarmed if your compost brings some new creepy crawly friends your way. They’re GOOD for your compost. Trust me!)

Eager to know more? Anything I missed? Have some tips of your own that make you feel like a green goddess (but… not the dressing)? Share below!

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