Whether it’s your kitchen table, your back porch or right on your couch, several parts of our homes have quickly been transformed into our office spaces. While working from home allows us to stay safe, it can get tough to constantly work within the same familiar setting. By getting creative, we can still find ways to revive our work areas and create a fun and fresh look to keep us inspired in order to do your best work even during this unique time. Follow along below to find 6 ways to give your at-home desk a refresh. 

Clean the scene

This might be an obvious one, but taking the time to get rid of any unnecessary items around your work area can be a strong first step in refreshing your desk setup. That water cup you haven’t used in days? The pile of outdated to-do lists crowding your keyboard? Both can be things you can remove to create a quick and easy transformation. 

Plant play

If you’ve been working without a plant on your desk, consider adding in some nature to an otherwise tech-heavy space. Adding even a small desk plant can bring a different kind of energy to your work environment and even be a helpful reminder that good things take time to grow. Already got one in your space? Either switch it out for a new one or rearrange its placement to give a different look to your setup.

Add ambience

An advantage of working from home is that you can create your own ambiance. As a way to make your desk a cozy and enjoyable area, bring in some scents by adding your favorite candle or diffuser into the mix. A favorite smell can help provide a sense of calm during your day and the light of a candle can add the right amount of energy to any atmosphere.

Get wordsy

Now more than ever you may need to surround yourself with some of your favorite uplifting phrases. Pick a mantra or a quote that helps ground you and invites a fresh perspective when you need it most. Decorate your computer, bulletin board or the nearest available surface with the phrases that makes you feel your best. 

Surrounded by friends & family

If you’re missing your friends and family you can still keep them close by adding in their photos as an essential desk accessory. Filling your space with fun memories of the people you love (and miss) can serve as a helpful reminder that good times will soon be something to look forward to. 

Caffeine fix

If your daily routine involves coffee or tea, rotate a new mug in to keep things interesting. Think of switching in a new cup as another way to change up the surrounding scene. Have a mug with a funny or inspiring design? This acts as a simple way to add some levity and humor to your day. 

Looking for other creative ways to stay positive? Check out more info about our #AerieReal Positivity challenge here

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