What could be better than wearing comfy and cute Aerie (and OFFLINE™ by Aerie!) pieces while basking in the summer sun? Doing it in the company of adorable, furry friends of course!

For our latest shoot, we recruited eight fur babies from our team members and beyond to add a sweet yet lively energy to the mix. Whether it was an exuberant puppy, a pair of lovable kittens or a playful pooch, these special “models” offered plenty of REAL fun for every which way we wanted to CHILL.PLAY.MOVE.

Meet our animal friends below to learn more about their unique quirks and see how the shoot all came to life.

Meet Heinrich aka “Hank” aka Captain Von Yapp!

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 5 months

Pet Dad: Luke Klein, Aerie director of marketing strategy

About Hank: Hank’s favorite pastime is chasing his brother Otis. He also enjoys eating carpeting, boxes, corners of furniture and all other nice human things. Hank also likes sticks. Hank dislikes squirrels and birds on his property and he’s not afraid to tell them about it.

Meet Otis!

Breed: Morkie

Age: 9 years

Pet Dad: Luke Klein, Aerie Director of Marketing Strategy

About Otis: Otis aka “Otie” is a good boy and everybody knows it. Otis’ goal is to move the very least that he possibly can. His likes and favorite hobbies include sleeping in, reading historical fiction novels, gardening, and, of course, long walks. Otis dislikes swimming and being woken from naps.

Meet Chunk and Ferguson!

Breed: Unknown

Age: 6 weeks

Pet Mom: Erin Collins Rittling, Aerie Director of Styling

About Chunk and Ferguson: Chunk and Ferguson were found under the porch of our business partner Bri Layman who knew the perfect forever home with our stylist Erin.  It was love at first sight.  The kittens moved in with Erin, her husband Phil and old man Cash (Erin and Phil’s senior tuxedo cat).

Chunk was named for his love of food just like his mom. Ferguson was named by Bri’s fiancé after the cat on New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. It stuck. These kittens have since grown into rambunctious curious kitties with a love of playing in the laundry hamper, cuddling and sending emails.

Meet Nash!

Breed: 50% Husky; Equal parts Alaskan Malamute, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, Lab & Cocker Spaniel

Age: 4 months

Pet Dad: Andrew Graham, Aerie Associate Art Director

About Nash: He likes chewing anything and everything in sight! The most recent victim was a wax candle that was scattered throughout the house. He also loves zoomies and bullying his big brother Krypton, another Aerie model.

Meet Berkley!

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Age: 6 years

Pet Mom: Samantha Casale, Aerie Digital Designer

About Berkley: He likes car rides, taking walks to the graveyard, herding dogs at the park, watching T.V., cuddling and being held, taking naps with Arlo, and barking at everyone and everything! His favorite treat is carrots. His favorite toys are stuffed animals and socks and he doesn’t like being wet, being dirty, sneezes or shadows.

Meet Nate!

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier & American Eskimo

Age: 2 years

Pet Mom: Abbie, Aerie Model

About Nate: He absolutely loves peanut butter and cheese. You can’t even say the word peanut without him freaking out and drooling. His favorite activity is going to daycare and playing with his friends. He snores like an old man and will cuddle all day.

Meet Finn!

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 2 years & 3 months

Pet Dad: Chris Cichra, Former Aerie Video Editor

About Finn: He loves to play catch, but good luck getting the ball back from him! He’s really good at catching the ball out of the air — if I was picking a baseball team, he would be my top pick. He also loves the pool and jumping off of small waterfalls at the creak, but he HATES baths. After a bath he is known for throwing a small temper tantrum, running around the house. We love him very much and we can’t even remember a time without him!

Meet Boone!

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 10 years

Pet Parent: Pisarcik Flower Farm

About Boone: Boone hails from the Pennsylvania countryside. Outside of his daily walk in the woods, he’s a true porch pup on his family’s flower farm and the only thing that he seems to like as much as his breakfast is his dinner.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see some of our fuzzy friends, share with us in the comments some of the fondest memories with your own fur babies!

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