Hey Aerie Fam, Berna Anat here, your Financial Hype Woman bringing you more money tips to help you get prepared for the future! 

So many of us walk around with this one financial secret burning a hole in our brains (and our wallets). But is it even a secret if you share it with 80% of strangers you see walking down the street? 

The big not-so-secret is debt, and yep — 8 of every 10 Americans are in debt, with an average of around $38,000 owed. (I know my folks in grad school are like, “I wish we owed only $38k!”) 

Debt is so common that lots of us assume it’s a life sentence; we feel forever buried under never-ending interest charges and monthly fees. But if you’re getting compensated fairly and you’ve got a grip on your budget and savings goals (oh hey, first two videos!), then I can help answer some of the questions hiding in that debt cloud over your head: 

Which do I focus on first: Debt or savings? 

How do I approach my debt if I don’t know where to start? 

Why has no one actually explained to me what an interest rate is?! 

Peep our latest video to put together a debt plan that — finally! — makes sense to you. 

Did you pick up any new tips from Berna’s video? Let us know by sharing your thoughts with the Aerie fam in the comments below! 

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  1. Tiffany Frye

    This is amazing! I love the advice that you all are giving from your platform! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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