We caught up with a passionate group of our #AerieREAL Changemakers earlier this month to continue our Real Talk: Changemakers Edition panels. This week, we hosted the final panel of the virtual series with another round of our 2020 Changemakers in order to talk about creating inclusive spaces. Model Jillian Mercado moderated the live event, leading an important discussion with Keely Cat-Wells, CEO of C Talent and disability activist, musician Kendall Renee, Kristine Rodriguez of GRL Collective, Valerie Weisler of The Validation Project and Jenna Zapata of Zig Zag Galleries 

Check out the video below to see Jillian and the Changemakers talk about inclusivity and how they all strive to foster it in their own lives. Then let us know in the comments what your biggest takeaways are from the REAL advice shared throughout this panel. 

We hope you took away some nuggets of advice after watching our fourth and final Real Talk: Changemakers Edition. How do you create inclusive spaces in your life? Share with us in the comments Aerie fam! 

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