“I’m always being #AerieREAL. I’m on a journey to happiness and fulfilling my own dreams, and that’s as real as it gets!”

Uma Patla

We are so excited to announce that your new #AerieREAL Ambassadors are here! Aerie became the movement it is today because REAL people took the #AerieREAL message and shared it. Our mission is to empower everyone to love their REAL selves and our #AerieREAL Ambassadors help us to get the word out about our mission to share the self-love. 

Watch the video below to meet the fam!

This is our most inclusive group of Ambassadors yet!

This group consists of 200 total ambassadors, including 125 Brand Ambassadors and 50 Alumni Ambassadors. They represent two countries and 137 markets, and for the next year will serve as stewards of the #AerieREAL Life.

Our ambassadors share the #AerieREAL message in their communities and social media platforms, creating relevant and important content. Our partnerships with entrepreneurs, fitness instructors, fashion bloggers, mothers, activists, athletes, photographers and so many more are something to celebrate, and our 2021 Ambassadors are here to continue our longstanding mission.

Are you one of the next #AerieREAL Ambassadors? Learn how to join the program here!

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  1. Chantelle Mahoney

    How do I become an Aerie ambassador!?

    1. Aerie

      Hey Lauren! Thanks for your interest. To apply to be an #AerieREAL Ambassador, create an account at thehub.youthmarketing.com, click “Opportunities,” then apply for the “AERIE REAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM 2020-21”. If you have any questions about the position or application process, please reach out to Aerie@youthmarketing.com.

      1. Emily


        I applied through this last year yet my application never changed to received or even reviewed. The enter time it remained on “submitted.” Are these applications reviewed?

  2. Antonieta Castejon

    Hello, I would like to be an ambassador, I am Venezuelan, I am 29 years old.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Antonieta, we’d love for you to apply!

  3. Dyana Monroy

    Congrats to all of them, but I still waiting for an reply, I emailed like months ago asking about my application and never received an reply.

    1. Tomisin Alausa

      me too! I love aerie so much I would love to be an ambassador.

  4. Sherry Hurst

    Hi what is the age requirement for an ambassador?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Sherry, we’d love for anyone about the age of 18 to apply!

  5. Savanna Jones

    Hi! I love what aerie + american eagle stands for and I would love to be an ambassador! thank

  6. Jacqueline Ryan

    Hi !!! I love aerie+American eagle. I always have been in stores 24/7 from my starting teenage years. Products make me feel so confident and self loving. Always so comfy in the underwear and bras. Never fails. I always dreamed of being a aerie ambassador/model. I turn 18 in October .. anyone I could speak with on the phone about ambassador program?? I would love to inspire others to shop at the best AERIE!!!
    Jacqueline Ryan
    Instagram (jacquelineeryan)

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