Hi, Aerie fam! I’m Nia (a senior copywriter at Aerie), and I don’t know about you but I’m so over the notion that I either need a reason (read: date) to dress up OR an excuse to hide in my sweats on Valentine’s Day — bleh, so antiquated! Don’t get me wrong, dressing up for the romantic holiday is a beautiful thing when it’s what you truly want to do and getting comfy and cute in loungewear can be equally empowering. But let’s strip out the stigmas of loneliness or being the object of someone’s eye on V-Day – and make this year all about what makes YOU feel good!  

If you’re a self-proclaimed member of the cozy club like me, then you never really need an excuse to get comfy and cute. Not to mention, my big sis instilled the concept of “cute but comfortable” in me at a young age, so the concept is near and dear to my heart.

But at its core, V-Day is intended to be about love; and showing that to myself by making the decisions I want about my style, my wardrobe and how I show up in the world is one of my favorite ways to show self-care and nurture my creativity. So, join me this holiday, and read on below to hear five of my #AerieREAL reasons to get comfy & cute with our new collection this Valentine’s Day (and beyond!). 


Skirts & dresses deserve some shine!

I never thought I’d say this but…maybe it’s time I give my leggings a break! My gams are craving the graze of free-flowing skirts and dresses, like the made-to-move OFFLINE Nylon Skirt in a classic black, which I paired with Aerie’s super cozy Fleece-Of-Mind Cropped Polo in a neutral. For even more flirty attitude, try one of our Ruffle Mini Skirts in a fun print (I added a sassy bootie to dress my outfit up)! 


You owe yourself a proper sleep set…  

If you’re like many people over the last year, including me, you might be in the house a lot more than usual these days. And while retro T-shirts and sweatshirts will always be nostalgic and cool (I personally love any excuse to rock my old-school Howard University gear), it also feels so right to refresh my wardrobe with a comfy pair of PJs. Enter Aerie’s Real Soft® Ribbed Long Sleeve Button Up and Sleep Pant: both stylish and put together! 


…and on that note, you’ve earned a chic new active set.

Where I lack in procuring proper sleep sets, I make up for in our chic active OFFLINE sets. I love how supported I feel, yet not constricted (like our Hugger Crackle Legging and sports bra, which got me through the holidays). But I had to see what the new OFFLINE Seamless Zip Front Sports Bra and Seamless Legging were all about. Safe to say that I didn’t want to take this set off and I’ll be wearing this smooth-as-butter outfit well past V-Day! 

P.S.  If you’re someone who likes “werking” out more than the “o” variety, like me, this active set works just as well for you too! 


Your sock drawer deserves a cozy refresh.

Is that your sock drawer calling? Why, yes, it is. I’ve never known a bad time for new socks, and oh do my feet feel the love when I slide on a fresh pair. Have a little fun with Aerie’s Dipdye Crew Socks, which I added to my collection in natural and fresh eyelet to complement my neutral aesthetic!  


A little color always makes a splash!

I have really been itching to brighten up my wardrobe lately, and Aerie’s new collection is full of tie-dye (learn how to DIY with our stylist, Erin!), pastels, florals and more. What’s been catching my eye are the pink hues coming out to play this season, and the Miami pink edition of our Oh Baby! Graphic T-Shirt is right on time with the perfect phrase to match. 

I paired it with funky, flared jeans for a colorful look from head-to-toe. But also toned this look down with simple blue denim jeans from American Eagle for a more subdued take. Either way, I truly am feeling golden if I may say so myself! 

Bonus: Because you deserve it.

No, seriously, I’m not sure we tell you enough. And are YOU telling you enough? You deserve it. So treat yourself. But most importantly, love yourself. On Valentine’s Day and every other.  If you’re like me, some days might be more of a work in progress than others, but it’s always worth it.

How are you celebrating this year, Aerie fam? And what are your favorite ways to show self-love? Share with us in the comments and shop more looks in our V-Day shop!  

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