Going out is a thing again — and so is getting ready to go out into the world. But even though we’re overjoyed to be reuniting with friends & fam, we’re also taking care not to forget the importance of getting un-ready! It’s an essential part of winding down for the night, working in some YOU time and setting up for a restful, refreshing night’s sleep.  

In honor of International Self-Care Day AND the first birthday of minimal-ish™, we asked Drake Patel, Aerie’s email & mobile marketing coordinator, to show us her personal getting un-ready routine. Drake took us through her nightly relaxation ritual and favorite minimal-ish™ products, from soothing face mask to indulgent hand cream, and filled us in about how she spends the rest of her self-care time. 

Watch the video below to get un-ready with Drake! 


We’re celebrating #InternationalSelfCareDay with email & mobile marketing coordinator @.drakepatel. See how she gets “un-ready” with minimal-ish!

♬ Sunny Day Smiles 60s(975372) – Lesya nZ
Left to right: minimal-ish™ Face Mist, minimal-ish™ Hand Lotion, and minimal-ish™ Depuff Eyegel

Aerie fam, how are you celebrating International Self-Care Day? Do you have any favorite minimal-ish™ products in your daily un-ready routine? Tell us in the comments below! 

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