Whether you want to personalize your gift giving or want some new ways to present your presents, Jenna Zapata is here to help. We caught up with her to show us some fun ways to customize wrapping your gifts and how to use some unconventional materials, just in case you’re as unskilled as us with wrapping paper. Read on to learn just how she does it.

DIY Idea #1:

Cookie Tin


Step 1: Grab your leftover holiday cookie bin (it’s okay, we ate them all before Christmas too) and your favorite color spray paint

Step 2: Spray paint the entire tin and let it dry

Step 3: Once it’s dry, grab your favorite holiday décor to wrap and personalize your tin. Use anything from tinsel and bells to winter florals and some ribbon

DIY Idea #2:

Layered Gift-Wrapping Paper Scraps


Step 1:  Once you’ve finished wrapping all your presents, keep those extra pieces of wrapping paper

Step 2: Take some of your favorite excess scraps and layer them on top of each other

Step 3: Time to whip out the scissors. Measure and cut each piece so they fit your present perfectly

Step 4: Grab some double-sided tape and tape the layered pieces down to secure them. 

DIY Idea #3:

Stamped Paper


Step 1: Thrift or buy some cool stamp designs

Step 2: Create personalized designs by stamping your wrapping paper

DIY Idea #4:

Stamped Bags


Step 1: Use letter stamps to stamp names or unique sayings on boxes or bags

Now that you are full of fun ideas to personalize your presents, give with joy! 

Which DIYs are your favorite? How are you customizing your gifts this season? Let us know in the comments.

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