This Giving Tuesday, our Aerie Real Change Signature Grant of $100K goes to Delivering Good! Delivering Good provides people impacted by hardship with new clothing & other items through a national network of community partners.

This year, Delivering Good will use their Aerie Real Change Signature Grant to help thousands of people. In addition, Delivering Good received 13 pallets of Aerie product that they will distribute to Jannah’s Hands and Comunidad Latinx, two organizations that help people affected by poverty and hardship access the resources they need for success. To learn more about Delivering Good’s work, their partnership with Aerie and how you can help, read our interview below!

Can you tell us about what Delivering Good does & how it works?

Delivering Good unites retailers, manufacturers, foundations, and individuals to provide people impacted by poverty and tragedy with new merchandise, effectively distributed through a network of community partners to offer hope, dignity and self-esteem to at-risk children, families, and individuals.

What will you use your Aerie Real Change Signature Grant for?

With the generous Aerie Real Change Signature grant of $100,000, we will provide a minimum of $1 million worth of brand-new clothes, home goods, children’s supplies, and vital daily necessities to low-income teens and women in three selected regions over the course of the following 12 months, reaching an estimated 15,000 low-income recipients.

Can you tell us more about Jannah’s Hands and Comunidad Latinx and how your work will help these organizations?

Jannah’s Hands is a New York City organization seeking to address  poverty, food and housing insecurity, under-employment, and under-education among communities that are underserved and lacking access to necessary resources for advancement. 

Comunidad Latinx supports low-income people, immigrants, and vulnerable families affected by poverty, being undocumented, hunger, and lack of social and economic support.

What do you hope Delivering Good’s partnership with Aerie will accomplish?

This partnership provides an opportunity for us to help make our society a better and more hopeful place, where underprivileged teens and women are able to feel security and support, and live out their full potential, regardless of circumstances.

How can AerieREAL Life readers help Delivering Good fulfill its mission?

  • Visit our website at and learn more about our work. 
  • Follow us on social media @deliveringgood and share our posts with your network.
  • Make a donation to support our work, every dollar is magnified 10X for maximum impact.
  • Support brands like Aerie that are using their business for good by committing to positive environmental and social impact.

How are you giving back on this Giving Tuesday, Aerie fam? Let us know in the comments!

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