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Self Cancelling Your Order

Edit Your Shipping Address Post-Purchase

If you were signed into your account when you placed your order, you have up to one hour to edit your shipping address. Please note that ShopRunner, Overnight, and Second Day shipping orders cannot be edited. 

To see if your order is eligible, view .

After editing your shipping address, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Cancel Your Full or Partial Order

You’ll have up to one hour to cancel your entire order or remove individual items once your order is placed. 

To see if your order is eligible for cancellation, view Order Details.

After cancelling your items, you may still see a pending charge. This charge should disappear within 5-7 business days. Contact your bank for any clarification on pending charges.

For orders fully cancelled with a Real Reward, the reward will automatically be re-issued to your account post-cancellation.

If you need to remove individual items from an order placed using Real Rewards or you need to cancel or modify an in-store pickup order, please call Customer Service at 1-855-468-4333 or Live Chat.