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Men's Skinny Jeans
Create your daily outfits your way with skinny jeans for men from American Eagle. Skinny jeans aren’t too tight, they’re just right with a skinny cut through the thigh, knee and leg opening. They fit just right no matter what you’re up to, whether you’re heading to class, work or wherever else throughout your day. Since we only use the best fabrics possible, our skinny jeans always feel good and look even better. They’re available in tons of washes ranging from super light washes to dark indigo hues and even black washes to level up your denim days. Colored skinny jeans or skinny khaki pants add a pop of color when you need to dress up your look, and hand-made distressing adds dimension and character to your jeans.

AE men’s jeans are only made with the best fabrics so they feel as good as they look every time you wear them. Choose from no flex, some flex or Ne(X)t Level fabrics to create the best fitting and feeling jeans possible. Rigid, 100% cotton denim breaks in over time and becomes more custom to you the more you wear them. The next step up in terms of stretch is our Flex jeans, designed with enough stretch to move with you and feel good no matter what you’re up to. Take things to the next level with our Ne(X)t Level line, including Ne(X)t Level Flex and Ne(X)t Level AirFlex, both designed with a high stretch level that keeps its shape. AirFlex is our newest denim fabric that uses a new design technique to create an authentic denim look with incredible flex, too.

Skinny jeans come in all kinds of washes and colors so you can pick the one that represents you most. Light washes tend to create an old school denim vibe, while medium and dark washes offer a more classic blue jean style that looks good with distressed and destroyed details. Skinny jeans look good with hand-made distressing like frayed holes, patched rips and frayed hems that become more custom to you over time to create the best looking ripped jeans possible. Mix and match different skinny jeans with your favorite men’s shirts like graphic tees, button down shirts, polo shirts, logo tees and a bunch more to create your ideal outfits. Since skinny jeans look good with everything, add accessories to round out the look and make it yours every day.

No matter what kind of men’s jeans you’re into, we’ve got you covered with our wide assortment at American Eagle. From the tight-fitting skinny jean all the way to the classic cuts like straight leg jeans or bootcut jeans, we’ve got options to keep you in good stock of the best jeans around. Shop by fits like athletic fit, slim fit, loose fit and others, or shop by jean trend to find out what we’re into in terms of fabric, fit and details. Shop men’s jeans trends like colored jeans, non-stretch jeans, workwear jeans and other up-and-coming styles we’re into. And since we always want you to have the best fitting and feeling jeans, our men’s jeans always come in waist sizes 26-48 and lengths 28-36 so you can find the right fit and feel for you.