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Women's Jean Skirts & Denim Skirts
Denim skirts are a go-to choice for spring and summer for good reason. They look cute with literally any women’s top we make, and even look great when worn over your favorite Aerie women’s swimwear too. Wear it over a one piece bathing suit or bikini and you’re set. Pack for your next vacation or beach trip and bring your favorite denim skirts along to finish off all your dreamy summer outfits! Denim mini skirts feel good from morning to make, making them an instant classic made for all your upcoming summer trips and plans. 

High-waisted skirts offer more coverage with a high, super high, and highest waist design. Or, go for a classic mid-rise fit if that’s more your thing. Choose from all kinds of materials that range from super stretch fabrics to 100% cotton denim. Ne(x)t Level Stretch denim skirts stretch to keep up with your day, and since they’re designed to move with you, they’ll always stay in place and feel good even after a full day of wear. Super Stretch fabric gives the right amount of structure and stretch, and feels good no matter what you’re up to, while rigid cotton denim is super soft and wears in over time, making it more personalized to you.

When it comes to washes and details, there’s no shortage of options with AE denim skirts. Go for bold with black washes, and stand out with bright white washes. Create a vintage feel with lighter washes that give off a cool '80s or '90s vibe, or keep up the polished style with rich indigo washes that look good with everything from blouses to tank tops. Details like rips, tears, frayed hems & button fronts elevate your style, and different fits like the festival skirt and A-line skirt make sure you always have a fresh style to choose from when It’s time to get dressed for all your warm-weather events.

Check out the full line of AE skirts to find your new favorite fits, fabrics, and designs. With all kinds of options like corduroy skirts, ruffled mini skirts, floral skirts, maxi skirts, and midi skirts, you won’t find a shortage of skirt choices at American Eagle. Mix and match them with matching tops, or create your own dressed up vibe with tons of women’s shirts & blouses, including all the crop tops and tube tops that are always our top pick for summer.