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Aerie pants are ready to be tossed in your duffle and taken on your next adventure. The cutest styles, comfiest fits & prettiest deets are made just for you. 

Aerie pants are made to live in and are cozy & comfy so you can do you and get moving (!!!) It’s all about the little things (the best deets!) so Aerie pants come in the prettiest styles and colors with the best little deets like drawstrings, pockets (yes!) cute cuffs… and so much more. Pair your newest loves with boyfriend tees or graphic baby tees that show off your style. Feeling chilly? Aerie pants look s’cute with dreamy, buttery soft sweaters & sweatshirts. 

Craving some sunshine? Check out our swimsuits. Dive in in the prettiest bikinis & one pieces. Check out our sunglasses to keep it cool, and peep beach coverups and dresses, too!