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Women's Tops & Shirts

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Women’s Tops & Shirts

Feel good from tops to bottom! From oversized t-shirts and tank tops to lightweight hoodies and sweatshirts, we have tons of options for every woman. Pair soft tops with the cutest assortment of Leggings, and you’re all set for couch surfing, adventuring & everything in between.

Our tank tops always come in super soft fabrics and so many fits (so you can find one that’s all YOU). From Henley T-Shirts & Tank Tops, we have the details you need to make you feel great. When you want to cover your shoulders, we have a ton of T-shirts, both oversized t-shirts and non, you choose! From short sleeve t-shirts to long sleeve t-shirts, we have the fit for everyone.

For a cozier top, layer with love! Try our long sleeves in any of our lightweight hoodies, sweatshirts or cozy sweaters. A comfy layer is ALWAYS a go-to! When adventuring, even in the summer, AC can make things chilly, so be sure to check out our cozy Sweaters & Cardigans. We have lightweight sweaters and hoodies for a more casual vibe, or cardigans that are great for work, school, or any fun adventure out. 

It’s so easy to find the prettiest match for your fave tops at Aerie! Pair a sweatshirt with our large selection of our OFFLINE leggings for a sporty vibe or match with a pair of super soft shorts or skirts for the cutest look. Whether you’re couch surfing, hitting the town or gym, you’ll always find something at Aerie!