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Women's Bra Tops & Crop Tops

Bra Tops & Bralette Tops
Let's talk about the newest trend we're super excited about - Bralette tops & Bra tops! These bralette tops can be worn under your everyday t-shirt, sweatshirts, cardigans and more OR can be worn as a top all on their own! Pair with your favorite high-waisted leggings or flared pants and you're in business. Fashion meets functionality and we're excited to be able to bring you the bralette tops and bra tops that will take any outfit to the next level.

Our assortment of bralette tops has something for everyone. Made with super soft fabrics and delicate lace prints, it’s never been easier to find the right bralette top for you! Did we mention these bralette tops come in sizes XXS-XXL? That’s right! We are here for EVERY BODY and want you to feel your best. At Aerie, we want all people to feel good about their REAL selves

Have you checked out our bralettes collections? Our forever growing assortment is SO COMFORTABLE, it’s made to have you feeling free, like wearing nothing at all. Our bras have the softest fabrics and special details you’ll love. Featured in super smooth fabrics across multiple silhouettes like sports bras, t-shirts bras, balconette bras and more - These are meant for you everyday life!

Thinking about making a complete outfit to pair with your bra tops? Why not check out workout leggings from OFFLINE by Aerie or our new collection of tennis skirts! Made to move with you, our assortment of soft and supportive fabrics was designed with you in mind in sizes XXS-XXL. And don’t forget about our women's underwear, these pair PERFECTLY back to our leggings and will make your booty happy!