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Workout Hoodies & Sweatshirts

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OFFLINE Hoodies & Sweatshirts
OFFLINE by Aerie is activewear made for your REAL life. All of our fabrics have been designed with movement and comfort in mind. From hoodies to sweatshirts, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re on a long walk, covering up after a workout, or just lounging around, there’s some cozy for you.

We’re totally obsessed with our OTT Fleece! That’s Over The Top Fleece, and it’s amazing. OTT Fleece is next level soft and has spandex in it (so it moves with you). All of our fabrics are made for movement—even our sweatshirts and joggers. Soft and cozy meets movement!

Hoodies are made for layering! Wear them over your favorite OFFLINE sports bras and leggings for a sporty look that works for movement. Always have a hoodie with you for travel days, class, or just running around getting your stuff done.

Check out OFFLINE joggers and build your own matching set!