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Boybrief Underwear

FIRST LAYERS Super-lightweight bodysuits, camis & undies for staying in.
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Boybrief Undies for Women

Boybrief undies are our #1 fit for a reason. They’re a go-to for so many Aerie girls because they just feel good! Boybrief undies give you just the right amount of coverage to feel comfy. Boybriefs are amaze under any outfit & for any adventure. No cheek peek & a low rise fit makes boybrief undies our #1. 

Boybrief undies give you great coverage, so a boybrief cut is amaze under dresses & skirts (just in case.)  Boybrief undies are also a go-to for sweatpants and joggers.  You shouldn’t have to worry about your undies riding up or giving you a wedgie during a big workout or big adventure. Boybrief undies make sure you have a secure fit all day long. AND, they come in colors from the brightest neons to true to you nudes. It’s all about the little things (!!!) so check out pretty deets like bows, scalloping, graphics & prints Mix and match to build an underwear drawer as unique as you are.

Don’t sacrifice a comfy fit for a cute one! Our boybrief undies keep you comfortable with soft fabrics that are breathable and have just the right amount of stretch  (!!!)  to stay in place. Cotton undies offers a classic feel, while our Shine fabric is silky smooth & sheen. Lace adds a lot of pretty & a LOT of love. Our patchwork designs use more than one material (like Cotton + Lace) so you can mix it up. Little deets like days of the week graphics or pretty tassels make everything better.

Boybrief undies, the fit that started it all (!!!) look & feel GREAT with Aerie bras & Bralettes. Check out unlined, wireless, lightly lined & push up styles. Feeling dreamy? Check out our sleepwear, too!