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Women's Underwear

model in green aerie bra and thong
model in green aerie bra and thong
Thongs Best seller! Barely-there for ZERO undie lines. Aerie Thongs
model wearing aerie boyfriend undies
Boybriefs A fit exclusive to Aerie! Our favorite full-coverage fit. Aerie Boybriefs
model wearing Aerie bra and bikini undies
Bikinis A classic. Minimal leg coverage in the front, just enough booty coverage in the back. Aerie Bikinis
model wearing aerie bra and cheekies undies
Cheekies Juuust the right amount of cheek! More coverage than a thong, a little less than a bikini. Aerie Cheekies
model wearing Aerie boyshort undies
Boyshort It's back! Our fit with the most coverage for ultimate comfort. Aerie Boyshort
Undies 6 for $30
Exclusions apply. Details
model sitting on sink wearing aerie bra and thong
4 NEW INTIMATES COLLECTIONS Bras & bralettes for your every need. Sooo comfy! All day. Every day. (Don't forget the matching undies!)
THE LEGGING UNDIE New & improved No Show fabric! Smooth like buttah. Your leggings just met their match.
Green brackground
You asked, we listened. The updated deets & comfier fits you asked for are here!
Undies and Women's Underwear

Aerie undies are made with YOU in mind! From each fabric to fit, Aerie undies are designed to make you and your booty feel good. Busy days are no prob with comfy Aerie undies in your fave fits. Amazing. Aerie undies help you do you. Find your forever fave fit & feel unstoppable!

Already know your fave? Amaze. Get shopping! Looking to explore? O.K. let’s talk about fit. If you like total cheek fits then thong undies can be your go-to. If you like a little more coverage (like some cheek peek) then bikini & cheeky fits are here to show off your booty! If you’re looking for a full coverage love, Aerie has options. You’re all about boyshort, boybrief & high waisted undies. Yes! No matter what fit you love, we’ve got your back (and your booty!)

Now let’s talk about fabric. Aerie undies are made in all kinds of soft to the touch, cozy fabrics like Shine, Real Soft® cotton, Real Me, ribbed, seamless & lace. Cotton undies are classic soft and Shine undies are sheen & silky. Think Shine & lace styles for a pretty, flirtie look. Seamless undies are amaze for a tough workout & No Show are your #1 legging undie. It’s all about the little things (!!!) so check out pretty deets like bows, scalloping, graphics & prints as unique as you are. 

Your booty will LOVE our women’s underwear collection. From bright neons to true to you nudes that match your skin tone, your undie drawer will be full of love. Need to find a best mate for your fave undie? Check out our bras & bralettes.