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Cheeky Underwear

FIRST LAYERS Super-lightweight bodysuits, camis & undies for staying in.
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Cheeky Undies for Women

A cheeky fit is fun, flirtie, and ALWAYS flatters. Every booty can rock a cheeky fit! This women’s underwear design shows off your booty, so you can feel good from top to bottoms. Cheeky undies are a total LOVE for your underwear drawer if you’re looking for something comfy & reliable with a low rise fit. More cheek peek means more fun.

Aerie cheeky undies are made with the best and softest materials like cotton, lace, Shine fabric & many more loves. Aerie Shine fabric is smooth and silky to the touch, while Real Soft® cotton has just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort. Yes! AND, and is breathable and comfy like your favorite cotton tee. Lace is sexy & Aerie is laced with love. Feel confident in flirtie lace Cheekies. It’s all about the little things (!!!) so check out pretty deets like bows, scalloping, graphics & prints. Mix and match to build an underwear drawer as unique as you are!

Cheeky undies are made with a comfortable low rise fit, making them amaze to wear with your fave American Eagle jeans. Cheekies are great for joggers & sweatpants, too!  A wider waistband can bring on the comfy! Lots & lots of options and love. Other deets like seamless designs, ribbed fabrics & fun graphics set our undies apart.

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